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Every loyalty program has a different policy on the expiration of points and miles, but the best ones have no-expiration policies.
It’s hard to keep track as regulations continue to change and evolve. This is the latest for those heading out to sea soon or considering it.
For the past two decades, the micronation of Westarctica has grown in prominence—and is now using its power for something other than Antarctic domination.
In Yellowknife, Canada, Joe Bailey has earned the nickname “Aurora Hunter” for his uncanny ability to find and follow one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena: the Northern Lights.
In 2015, Tom Turcich set out to circumnavigate the globe by foot. He has been walking ever since.
Khan, the first British chef to be featured on “Chef’s Table,” opened the wildly popular Darjeeling Express in 2017. She just closed it—on purpose.
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