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The user-generated review website rates businesses across the country on how welcoming they are.
Among the many ways Asheville stands out is for its welcoming spirit for all travelers. Discover accessible trails and natural beauty, forward-thinking businesses, efforts to support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, and more.
HBO’s “We’re Here” teaches us to slow down, listen, and leave places we visit the better for it.
A surprisingly small number of lesbian bars still exist in the U.S. A few road-trippers are making sure they’re not forgotten.
What makes Minnesota one of the Midwest’s most inclusive states? We caught up with this award-winning journalist and leader of the queer community to find out what living there means to them.
From soccer bars and charming, small-town inns to drag brunches and farm-to-table dining, here’s how you can shop small and explore queer communities when you visit the state.
The nation’s capital has long been a place where the battle for gay rights is fought and celebrated. From landmark rulings to landmark bars, Washington’s role in queer history is loud and proud.
Why Namibia and Botswana should be on your radar, and what LGBTQ+ travelers can experience while traveling in Africa.
Searching for somewhere over the rainbow? Try South Florida.
LGBTQ leaders in the outdoor space weigh in on how to plan a safe and successful adventure when you’re “out” hitting the trails, navigating national parks, or sleeping under the stars.
We can’t travel for Pride this year—but that’s not a bad thing, argues author and activist Sally Kohn.
A 2019 index ranks the most popular nations for international travelers, determining which are the most LGBTQ-friendly in terms of civil rights, protections, and anti-discriminatory laws.
Bani Amor identifies outside of the conventional male/female binary, not exclusively aligning with one gender or another. Here’s how travel helped them find perspective on what it means to belong.
The city announced plans to memorialize Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, irreplaceable—though often overlooked—leaders in LGBTQ history.
For people whose gender identity doesn’t match the one assigned to them on their birth certificate, dealing with air travel can present a host of obstacles. Here’s what U.S. travelers need to know about flying outside of the binary.
From classics to more recent releases, these compelling books deserve a spot in your carry-on.
Worrying about an atmosphere of anti-gay attitudes can cast a shadow over a getaway when all you want is some fun under the sun. Here are the islands you’ll find most welcoming.
An AFAR editor shares what it’s like to travel as a member of the LGBTQ community, both at home and abroad.
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