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AFAR believes that travel can change the world.

AFAR is the world’s leading travel media brand that inspires and guides travelers to have deeper, richer, and more meaningful experiences. We value a deep sense of cultural immersion and exploration and have been recognized for our vibrant and authentic travel photography. We don’t shy away from presenting places as they really are and we celebrate global diversity in all forms.

Edited for an affluent and sophisticated audience, AFAR attracts highly engaged readers who have both the desire and the means to pursue the luxury of experience.
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You want a trip packed with authentic, meaningful experiences—and the AFAR Travel Advisory Council knows how to make it happen. We’ve selected a well-connected group of specialists in experiential travel, and they’re eager to share that expertise with you! Learn more about each advisor below and contact them for an itinerary tailored to your interests and budget (consultations provided for a fee).
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