The Future of Travel

In our fifth episode of “Unpacked by AFAR,” we hear from travelers with disabilities about what it’s like to embark on trips, and explore how a more accessible world benefits all travelers.
In addition to being afforded some epic views, guests of the modular space station would dine and walk around—thanks to artificial gravity.
The carrier could add the new electric-powered seagliders to its interisland fleet as early as 2028.
Staff shortages continue to trouble hotels, restaurants, airports, and more—but this could be an opportunity to rebuild a more diverse, dynamic travel industry.
Can you really take a long-distance road trip in an electric vehicle? As it turns out, yes—and it can be even better if you follow some simple rules.
Increased demand for beach and outdoor travel and more flexible work schedules have all but eliminated the shoulder and off-seasons in some popular destinations.
Short flights on select routes where the equivalent train ride is 2.5 hours or less are banned effective April 2022 (unless they connect to an international flight).
The cruise company is partnering with research organization SINTEF to craft new, zero emissions ferries to travel along Norway’s coast.
Carbon offsets may not be the end-all-be-all to eliminating emissions generated by travel, but they are a first step.
Fliers will be able to use the Apple Wallet ID on their iPhone to get through TSA security at “many airports this year,” Apple revealed.
Travelers flying from Nassau, Bahamas, can now use their TSA PreCheck privileges to get through airport security faster when flying back to the U.S.
Are you ready to make a spaceflight reservation?
With many glaciers rapidly melting because of climate change, countries around the world are facing trouble from the disappearance of the ice sheets.
These developments are likely to outlast the pandemic.
It’s easier than you might think.
Don’t have $250,000? You still have a chance to go to space with Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company.
With her virtual travel platform, founder Brittany Palmer has discovered vivid ways to engage people who can’t travel easily.
Being vaccinated will not be a precondition to travel—and Americans still aren’t on the welcome list.
Researchers say carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the leading cause of global warming, had the biggest yearly decline ever due to coronavirus-induced travel restrictions.
The high-tech versions of yellow immunization cards are on their way.
Major airlines around the world are discussing the possibility of a “vaccination passport” for international passengers once a coronavirus vaccine becomes widely available.
On November 17, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the pledge as part of plans for a “green industrial revolution.”