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Situated between China, Tibet, and Pakistan in the northern tip of India, the Ladakh region offers travelers a fascinating mix of cultures, sparsely populated landscapes, and the world’s highest road.
Greenland has a rich vocabulary for ice and snow. But what happens to language when those natural phenomena start to disappear?
Emerging from the pandemic pause, cruise companies are newly focused on health, sustainability, and the wellbeing of local communities.
Following centuries of deforestation, the U.K.’s northernmost territory has invested heavily in rewilding. Now some environmental leaders want to go a step further.
From honoring new beginnings to welcoming the harvest season, here are eight festivals and holidays that celebrate our stately friends.
One writer finds community in the world’s largest open-water swim group—and picks up some trash while she’s at it.
It’s never been more critical to slow down, open ourselves up to new cultures, and marvel at the world.
Joyce Beckwith, the first Black woman hot air balloon pilot, works between Amboseli and the Masai Mara National Reserve.
Yael Margelisch holds two official world records in women’s paragliding—including the longest distance covered in a single flight.
The only woman helicopter pilot in Nepal, Priya Adhikari takes travelers on scenic flights and performs rescue missions on some of the world’s highest peaks.
In a metropolis known for its squeaky-clean streets, a tale of two cities emerges.
The gods of climate change made some of their first displays of power in this slice of rural California, where there’s much to love and much to protect.
Turkey’s 528-mile Carian Trail is part of a growing network of ruin-laced treks running throughout the country.
The green city is expanding rapidly—go now to explore its gritty, evolving liminal spaces.
Sri Lanka’s tourism industry found a creative way to adapt to the pandemic: It embraced the outdoors.
Alberta’s first Métis cultural destination was conceived, built, and operated by Métis people to tell their story—and in 2022 it’s getting a huge upgrade.
From brutalist architecture to conservation oases, Abu Dhabi has it all.
Avoid the crowds and head to a serene shoreline and the birthplace of jerk chicken.
Sometimes, the most enchanting experiences can be found outdoors.
In our latest issue, we’ve scoured the globe for where travelers should visit next—and reached out to the people who know them best: locals.
The Windy City is roaring back from the pandemic, thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit and strong sense of pride.
On an isolated island in the southern waters of the Atlantic Ocean, untrammeled landscapes—and curious bird life—abound.