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Some good news for SkyTeam members seeking better U.K. service and access to some of the coolest airline lounges around.
The White House says the rule would help consumers save money up front and encourage more competition among airlines to offer better fares.
During an extremely challenging pandemic recovery year, overall traveler satisfaction with the airport experience is (not surprisingly) down.
The new partnership will result in better flight connections but it will be a mixed bag for frequent fliers.
Fear not, fellow procrastinators. It’s not too late to book holiday travel, but act swiftly and smartly.
A convenient list of the carriers that do and don’t require that passengers and crew mask up.
Shoulder season is the best season for global airfare offers.
A little more than one year after returning to the hub following a five-year break, the carrier is now considering pulling back out.
The Companion Pass will only be valid for two months, which makes this a great way to try out the coveted Southwest benefit.
Less than one year after launching, the Nevada-based discount carrier halted operations after parent company ExpressJet filed for bankruptcy.
Concerned about the way airlines treat passengers? Now is the time to let your voice be heard.
The new interactive website, which launched September 1, helps empower travelers who face flight disruptions, so they don’t miss out on refunds they’re owed.
Relax preflight in an airport lounge thanks to the right credit card, membership, or boarding pass.
Enrollment on Arrival and Appointment Scanner can help you get Global Entry faster.
This expedited airport security service saves extra time beyond TSA PreCheck.
One of the world’s largest airlines will supply sunflower lanyards for travelers with an unseen disability.
The eight-day sale runs through August 30.
The route offers faster door-to-door travel than jets or trains, taking off from the water in Manhattan and landing on the tarmac in D.C.
New York to London in only three hours? American just became the second major U.S. carrier to put in an order for supersonic jets.
Yet another reason shoulder season is the best season.
The passenger cap is likely to result in even more canceled flights at Britain’s busiest hub.