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Changing the names removes a slur for Indigenous women.
Construction of new EV charging locations across the country could begin by next spring.
Some good news for SkyTeam members seeking better U.K. service and access to some of the coolest airline lounges around.
The White House says the rule would help consumers save money up front and encourage more competition among airlines to offer better fares.
The new policy goes into effect on October 1.
The news comes as Taiwan announced that it, too, could be dropping its quarantine requirement in mid-October.
Masks will also no longer be required on planes and trains. The new rules go into effect on October 1.
The Atlanta-based carrier is launching (or relaunching) flights to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Switzerland in time for summer.
The majority of Japan’s most stringent border restrictions will be done away with starting October 11.
Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans were still without water and power days after Hurricane Fiona struck the island on September 18.
American, Delta, United, Southwest, and JetBlue have all issued various waivers for destinations in the Caribbean amid the disruptions and devastation of Hurricane Fiona.
To combat depopulation, Sardinia is offering to give people up to 15,000 euros to use toward purchase of a home and renovations.
Damages due to flooding in Puerto Rico are already being described as catastrophic, as rain continues to fall.
If you’ve been meaning to sign up for the security screening expediting service, look for the TSA PreCheck enrollment trucks that are rolling through the United States.
Called the Downtown Circle project, the elevated ring-shaped building in Dubai would house a greenbelt as well as residential and commercial spaces.
The changes bring an end to the vast majority of COVID restrictions in a country that had some of the strictest measures in place during the pandemic.
The well-established 10-day plan, named Operation London Bridge, has been set into motion.
One of the world’s largest airlines will supply sunflower lanyards for travelers with an unseen disability.
Tips to take the sting out of 50 percent higher car rental prices.
The long-awaited bridge connects two parts of the country’s Adriatic Sea coastline while bypassing a small part of Bosnia’s territory.
Swimply lets you rent someone’s backyard pool by the hour across all 50 states—and we tested it out to see what it’s like.
The launch of the ETIAS travel authorization is currently slated for November 2023.