Road Trips

Ideas on where to go, and how to prepare, for your next road trip—at home or abroad.

Construction of new EV charging locations across the country could begin by next spring.
Two lanes, five days, nine tunnels, and endless diversions.
A journey through this vast wilderness offers iconic parks, ancient forests, wildlife, and a history tour of the Wild West. One of the best ways to visit Wyoming is to hit the open road.
The 10 best road trips around the world, a mix of classic and unexpected, coastal and countryside.
Even if you only have a day or two to explore, these road trips deliver natural swimming holes, stunning views, and good eats aplenty.
Following serendipity for a month across America.
Whether you’re looking for sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean or a multiday adventure through national parks, these road trips provide plenty of opportunities to explore the United States.
The podcasts to listen to on your next long drive or plane ride, whether you’re a history nerd, traveling with kids, or just in need of a true-crime fix.
Pick a podcast, gas up (or charge up), and hit the road for one of these epic drives.
The coastal Highway 1 route is, of course, on the list, along with many you may have never heard of.
Follow the legacy of Hollywood stars, activists, and pioneers who fought racism from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
From hip-hop history to an LGBTQ+ guide to travel, here are some of our favorite podcasts by Black creators and travelers.
One writer on the importance of the historical travel guide and feeling freedom behind the wheel.
Figuring out road trip logistics can get overwhelming—unless you have the right plan in place.
A drive along this southern route reveals endangered landscapes, historic sites, and a German-style brewery that survived Prohibition.
Discover breathtaking nature, charming small towns, and even some great art on this route through western Minnesota.
Follow a four-day ramble through scenic western New York to see some of the American architect’s most impressive works.
This arsenal of apps takes the work out of planning, allowing you to fully enjoy the freedom of the open road.
With EV-friendly roads and sustainability efforts everywhere, Colorado makes for the perfect eco-conscious road trip. Here’s where to go.
From crabbing to kayaking and gem-hunting on the beach, Oregon’s stretch of 101 has nature, scenic beauty, and adventure in spades.
By electrifying its most scenic byways, the state is inviting sustainable travelers to explore further.
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