Visas + Passports

It’s a great opportunity if you’re quick.
With current travel restrictions related to COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine factored in, the UAE tops Arton Capital’s Passport Index with visa-free access to 174 destinations.
Here’s what U.S. citizens need to know about how to obtain a second passport, including why they’re necessary and when they’re permitted.
There are currently long waits for Global Entry interviews. But there’s a secret way to cut the line.
In addition to numerous strict conditions for entering Japan, visa-free travel from the U.S. is currently suspended.
The option to choose “X” as a gender on passport applications also will be available on April 11.
The State Department started issuing the “Next Generation Passport” books in 2021 and the rollout will continue in 2022.
Several European countries make it (relatively) easy for those who work remotely to settle in and stay awhile.
The increased prices go toward security features and will take effect on December 27.
Also on the agenda—reducing airport screening times.
From an emergency trip to finally planning international travel again after months of staying closer to home (ahem, COVID), there are numerous situations that might require a quick passport turnaround.
The U.S. State Department still recommends that travelers start the process several months before traveling abroad—to be on the safe side.
The U.S. joins over a dozen countries that allow a third-gender option on passports.
Transgender applicants will also no longer need to provide medical certification when selecting their gender.