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Eastern Promenade

Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine
Enjoy the Views of Casco Bay
Looking for the perfect place for an early morning run or afternoon walk? The Eastern Promenade is the place to go. The 2.1 mile trail runs along the peaceful waters of Casco Bay. The views from atop Munjoy Hill are expansive, and you can see the outlying islands,ferries transporting visitors, and large trawlers. The trail begins downtown and connects to Back Cove Trail and Bayside Trail.The facilities on the point provide a picturesque spot for a picnic. It's a safe, busy part of outdoor Portland and a great way to get a feel for the city.
Enjoy the Views of Casco Bay

14 minutes ago

Nester 吃草沙拉

Neihu District
Nester 吃草沙拉, Neihu District, Taiwan
eat a salad in neihu.
Neihu is not a place for tourists. It is, however, known as a tech business district, filled with well-known international brands such as BenQ, Asus, and Foxconn. As a business district, Neihu is filled with small eateries for those that work nearby. One of these places is Nester, a small salad shop a short walk from MRT Xihu Station (捷運西湖站). Salads at Nester range in price from 170-250NT. With each salad comes a cup of soup, two sides, and a main item. The bowl may look small, but there is more than that meets the eye. If you're looking for a good vegetarian option, try the baked mushrooms with parmesan cheese salad (起司烤蘑菇沙拉). For those looking for something a bit more carb loaded, Nester also has non-salad items such as pasta.
eat a salad in neihu.

about 3 hours ago

Gamcheon district, Busan, South Korea

Gamcheon district, Busan, South Korea, Busan, South Korea
From refugees to artists: Busan's hilly Gamcheon village
Korea's second city has become known for its dazzling skyscrapers, film festival, and popular beaches, but Busan's hills are not to be missed. To the southwest of the trendy Haeundae district and the sights and smells of the old harbor's Jagalchi seafood market, the colorful 'village' of Gamcheon beckons with its maze of public art and narrow stepped-streets leading to pocket plazas and views of the sea. The steep terrain was mostly uninhabited until refugees pouring into Busan during the Korean War (1950-1953) began to seek somewhere to call home. Followers of an indigenous religion, called Taegukdo, settled as well, and as they built, they made sure to not block anyone else's light or view. The result was a poor but vibrant neighborhood of stacked houses that has been compared to Rio's favelas, Greece's Santorini, and even Machu Picchu; due to its colors, Gamcheon has also earned the nickname "Lego village." In recent years, artists have moved in, setting up impromptu galleries and installations in abandoned homes, along with boutiques and cafés. Photogenic murals and sculptures abound, but this is still very much a working neighborhood, where you may well come upon grandmothers washing vegetables in the street. Visitors are requested to keep their voices down, and to leave by dusk so that residents can enjoy a quiet evening... (To get here, take the subway to Toseong station, then catch a 'maeul bus' in front of the PNU Cancer Center.)
From refugees to artists: Busan's hilly Gamcheon village

about 5 hours ago