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Bisos, Prague, Czech Republic
Sardinian Tapas in Bohemia
Sardinian food is on a par with the best of Italian food. It is a veritable melange of Italian, Spanish, French and Arabic influences and that makes the resultant concoctions greater than the sum of their parts.
Sardinian Tapas in Bohemia
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about 2 hours ago

Östermalms Saluhall

Östermalms Saluhall, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish Delights
Ostermalms Saluhall is a seafood lover's dream. Yes, you can also buy meat, produce, pastries and other items, but the abundance of seafood is what makes this place special, in my opinion. With restaurants tucked away inside the Saluhall, it's a great place to either pick up something to go or sit and linger over a nice meal and a glass of wine. I stopped by here for lunch at the well known Lisa Elmqvist, where I had a beautifully presented and delicious toast skagen. Who knew shrimp mixed with mayonnaise and dill and topped with bleak roe would be such a great combination?
Swedish Delights
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about 5 hours ago


Ekoin, Koya, Japan
Sleep Among the Monks
My travel to Ekoin in Mount Koya (Koyasan) entails riding two JRL trains, a subway, a local train, a cable car and a bus. The bus deposits at Ekoin, a 1,000-year old Buddhist Temple. Ekoin is one of approximately 50 temples offering lodging (skukubo) to tourists. My room at Ekoin is sparse but it offers a fantastic view of the sunny garden. I have just enough time in the afternoon to walk Okunoin, Mount Koya's most sacred site and home to a spectacular cemetery. Vegetarian inner is served in my room at the early hour of 5:30. The food is so-so, but the monks do provide beer upon request. Afterwards, I play around on the internet (yes, there's wifi up here) and go to bed early because there's not much else to do. At 6:30 the next morning I join my fellow guests to observe the daily prayer service. Afterwards we follow the monks next door to the daily Goma fire ritual.
Sleep Among the Monks
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about 10 hours ago