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20 Feet Seafood Joint

20 Feet Seafood Joint, Dallas, Texas
relaxed byob seafood joint
20 feet is one of my favorite restaurants in dallas. just east of white rock lake and the arboretum, this laid-back bistro offers all of the classics (fish and chips, fried oyster po-boy) with a handful of daily specials that never disappoint (grilled salmon over soba noodles, for example). the restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere: order at the counter, bring your dog (yes!), bring your own booze (double yes!), and sit inside or out on the spacious patio.
relaxed byob seafood joint

about 8 hours ago

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Robbinsville, North Carolina
Centuries-old Skyscrapers in the Nantahala National Forest
Between the Cherohala Skyway and Tail of the Dragon stands 500 to 600 year old trees in a 3,800-acre old-growth hardwood forest named after journalist, poet and U.S. Army veteran Joyce Kilmer – author of the poem “Trees”. Many of these natural skyscrapers root as wide as fifteen feet wide or greater and tower 100 feet into the air. Mossy rocks, fallen specimens, a waterfall and an undulating loop trail welcomes all day-hikers – including leashed, four-legged companions - to experience the meditative, subterranean micro-climate. Tip: Naked Ground Trail - just off of Joyce Kilmer loop - leads into the Slickrock Wilderness for premiere, unspoiled backcountry hiking. Be advised, no overnight parking is permitted at the Memorial Forest.
Centuries-old Skyscrapers in the Nantahala National Forest

about 11 hours ago

Nantahala National Forest

Nantahala National Forest, Franklin, North Carolina
Foggy Mountains in Nantahala National Forest, NC
The furthest of the three main regions of North Carolina, the mountains of southwestern North Carolina are home to Nantahala National Forest. This temperate rainforest’s name is derived from Cherokee Indians meaning “land of the noon day sun”. Better known for its dramatic and blazing fall colors of red, orange and yellow leaves, views at sunrise greet early-risers with gorgeous morning sun rays and fingers of cloudy “smoke” that weave through its peaks and valleys. Tip: Depending on your base camp, any one of the forest's three districts – Cheoah near Robbinsville, Tusquitee near Murphy and Nantahala near Franklin – provide spectacular scenery. Get ready for some some remarkable hiking, trail running, pedaling and/or paddling in and around this southeastern outdoor paradise!
Foggy Mountains in Nantahala National Forest, NC

about 11 hours ago