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The Green Moustache

The Green Moustache, Whistler, Canada
Juice Your Way to Health
The Green Moustache is a juice and live food bar whose mission is to serve up the healthiest organic juices, smoothies, salads, and more—all of which are designed to promote your wellbeing whilst tasting fantastic. Whether you're craving a cleansing juice, a wheatgrass shot, a superfood smoothie, a vegan soup, or even a coconut milk popsicle—if it makes you feel great and it tastes great, they got it! The Green Moustache also hosts talks and workshops based around nutrition and healthy living. Photo by Steven Depolo/Flickr
Juice Your Way to Health

about 4 hours ago


Kilwins, Hollywood, Florida
Traditional Confectionary Since 1947
Kilwins has been making chocolate and other delectable candy since 1947, utilizing traditional equipment and techniques that are still in use today. You can find everything from chocolate to brittles to fudge to ice cream. The company's focus on using only the highest-quality ingredients and its pride in its friendly service helps to make the experience even sweeter. The Kilwins Hollywood branch is on Hollywood Blvd., perfectly located for a stroll around Historic Downtown Hollywood.
Traditional Confectionary Since 1947

about 5 hours ago

Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark
Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen with Kids
Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen might not be the first place you'd think of to take your kids while visiting, but it's definitely worth the trip. Most people think of Pusher Street, where pot is pretty openly sold (although hard drugs are not tolerated), when they think of Christiana. But that is a small and rather uninteresting part of this community. Christiana is an alternative way of living that was basically created by squatters who wanted form a new kind of community centered on the idea of freedom. Old military buildings have been repurposed and the locals have designed really intriguing homes for themselves. Colorful murals can be seen throughout. Make sure to get well off of Pusher Street in into the dirt side streets to get the best views. Locals were incredibly welcoming and happy to see children visiting. Some offered free candied almonds and another went out of their way to direct us to a bathroom for my son. And it sparked some conversation about different ways to live. I think it's always good to give kids insight into other cultures, even subcultures. Make note of the rules though -- no photos on Pusher Street and no running (so people don't think there's a raid).
Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen with Kids

about 5 hours ago