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Bentota Beach Hotel Gymnasium

Bentota Beach Hotel Gymnasium, Bentota, Sri Lanka
Bentota beach Hotel, Sri lanka
Nice hotel
Bentota beach Hotel, Sri lanka

about 3 hours ago

Glymur Falls

Glymur Falls, Reykjavik, Iceland
Adventure Hike in Iceland to Get a Glimpse of Glymur Waterfall
It was an adventurous trek, to say the least, in wintertime through snow and wind, crossing an icy river hand-over-hand on a cable wire … but it was worth it to reach a view of one of the highest waterfalls (some say *the* highest) in Iceland: Glymur waterfall. The falls seclude themselves away at the end of a narrow box canyon. But all along the canyon en route to the falls, the sheer rock cliff face leaks water as if it’s crying. In winter, these giant tears harden into white ice, so the rock looks like it’s decorated with frosting. Deep snow drifts and frozen ponds, and a wind bent on blowing us off the hillside, made for a difficult climb. Not only were we rewarded with the high waterfall, however, but also with a view the other direction across the landscape extending all the way to the ocean. If crossing the cable wire is not your cup of tea, you can climb up the other side of the canyon without crossing the river, though you won’t be able to look directly at the falls from that side. If you want to cross on the wire, make sure you know your capabilities … it takes a bit of strength in your hands and arms! It's about a 2 hour drive from Reykjavik to begin this glorious hike to Glymur.
Adventure Hike in Iceland to Get a Glimpse of Glymur Waterfall

about 9 hours ago

YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center

Estes Park
YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center, Estes Park, Colorado
Reserve a Family Cabin Near Rocky Mountain National Park
PHOTO by Joshua Berman; there are 200 family cabins for rent at the YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center. If you're visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park area and NOT camping, there are plenty of hotels in town, and wonderful B&Bs and big lodges in the mountains, and then ... there is the YMCA of the Rockies. With 200 family cabins and 9 lodges, the YMCA of the Rockies has a capacity for thousands of guests, but you would never know it, as the sloping, forested 860-acre property easily swallows up and accommodates large groups. The Estes Park Y is adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. Actually, this YMCA family center was built in 1907, pre-dating the park by seven years. Today, the center hosts conferences, gatherings, reunions, and tourists from both near and far. When I last stayed there, our cabin was a comfortable 3-bedroom affair with a fireplace, full kitchen, and amazing view of the mountains. In the fall, the porch is a front-row seat as elk herds wander in to rut, bugle and rest in the trees. YMCA of the Rockies reservation telephone: 888-613-9622. Seasonal rates and specials: from Sept. 28 to May, 2015, cabins start at $99/night, with an ongoing “3 nights for the price of 2” special throughout fall and winter. Be sure to ask about how you can contribute to the GRACE program, an effort to help families dealing with pediatric cancer have a vacation at the YMCA property.
Reserve a Family Cabin Near Rocky Mountain National Park

about 10 hours ago