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Bingen, Bingen, Germany
Hildegard: As Above So Below
"True prophecy involves a mystical journey into the heart of universal mind via the fully conscious human being..." In serene, cloister-ambient undergound vaults -- where Hildegard’s abbey once stood at the confluence of the Nahe & Rhine rivers -- you'll discover the gathering & meditation space of the Scivias Institute for Art and Spirituality (SIAS). This institute, housed in near by Bad Kreuznach derives the name SCIVIAS from the multi-faceted abbess, healer, writer, musician, visionary, counselor, preacher, linguist, naturalist, artist, poet and adviser's (to kings, bishops, princes & paupers) major mystical work. Though this Seer, Saint & Dr of the Church is also tied to the beauty of this valley – by the moniker: Sybil of the Rhine. As SIAS founder & feminist theologian, Annette Esser, PhD, puts it, "Hildegard influences people in a wide variety of ways because she was active in so many fields,” she said. “But I think Hildegard herself viewed her many accomplishments as all being connected & flowing from the same divine source. For her, all of life was one harmonious whole... she took her visions very seriously & considered herself a prophet." Hildegard, deeply spiritual & intensely practical, continues to sustain a large fan base: musicians, feminists, ecologists, artists, those w/medicinal interest & natural practices of the healing arts. Learn more at an SIAS program/workshop & explore Hildegard's legacy as it flourishes today on both sides of the Rhine.
Hildegard: As Above So Below

about 2 hours ago

Ulleung-do, Chusan Ilga, Korea

Ulleung-do, Chusan Ilga, Korea, Ulleung-gun, South Korea
On Ulleungdo's north shore, sleep above the sea
You've made it to the splendid isolation of Ulleung-do island's north shore...Now, where to sleep? "Chusan Ilga Pension" is one of the island's best choices: above the waves, on a clifftop beneath a volcanic peak, with a granite Buddha overlooking the greenery to the west and a fishing village just down the steep road to the east... This is rustic comfort: the floors are heated in the traditional Korean manner, the timbers are exposed, but the double-paned windows can either shut out the roar of the sea or let in the salty breeze, as you wish. Downstairs is a restaurant that serves the local seafood and mountain vegetables. There are several buildings on this clifftop, but the one with the restaurant offers three rooms with balconies almost directly above the sea; ask for one of these. To get here: take the coastal road from the port where you disembark from the ferry. You can't get lost--there's only one coastal road. Go counterclockwise around the island. Once you reach the north side, look out for the Elephant Rock in the sea and Songotsan peak on your right. Soon you'll see a sign for Seongbulsa Temple, pointing up an almost immpossibly steep road. Start climbing and after the first bend, Chusan Ilga will be on your right. (The website is in Korean only, but the central tourist office in Seoul can phone for you; you'll have to wire money through a Korean bank to confirm your room.)
On Ulleungdo's north shore, sleep above the sea

about 4 hours ago

Samovar Tea Lounge, Castro

San Francisco
Samovar Tea Lounge, Castro, San Francisco, California
Relax Over a Cup of Tea at Samovar
Growing up in a household filled with healthy food, Samovar Tea Lounge founder Jesse Jacobs was “that kid who brought tofu sandwiches and seaweed wraps to school lunch,” and was introduced early on to different cultures and the diverse varieties of teas that came with them. Years later, Jacobs left his unsatisfying job in the corporate world to open Samovar Tea Lounge. With four locations in San Francisco—in the Mission, Yerba Buena, the Castro, and Hayes Valley—Samovar is a place to relax, unplug from the constant stream of technology, and take in the moment with a cup of tea. Reserve a table online at the Castro location and spend an evening with friends (and not staring at your smartphone) sipping tea sourced from China to Hawaii. The Castro Samovar is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Photo by Scott Beale/Flickr.
Relax Over a Cup of Tea at Samovar

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