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FIVE MUST DO things in Brussels, Belgium

FIVE MUST DO things in Brussels, Belgium, Grez-Doiceau, Belgium
FIVE MUST DO things in Brussels, Belgium
1 . A stroll in the heart of the city, the Grand Place. This is one of the most beautiful corners in Brussels. The square is surrounded by beautiful impressive buildings. Among them stands the Town Hall with its gothic tower of 97 meters height. In the square, which is always crowded, you will find restaurants, cafes and bars. 2.Pay a visit to the European parliament. It is the place where a lot of collective decisions have been made by the countries of the European Union. 3.Taste the Belgian beer. The history of beer in Belgium starts from the middle ages, when it is said that some monasteries began producing beer in small breweries. The beer still remains the favorite drink for the Belgian people. If you like it in Belgium you will find over 350 different species to taste in various qualities and prices! 4.Taste the Belgian chocolates A chocolate shop may be found almost everywhere in Brussels. The Belgian chocolates are well known worldwide and if you're a chocolate lover, you'll find your own paradise on earth! 5.Shopping therapy In Brussels you will have the opportunity to see many shops offering well known brands from across the world. Apart from this, remember that Brussels is famous for its antiques shops. Many antique shops are located throughout the city, and the fans will certainly find many interesting items for their personal collections.
FIVE MUST DO things in Brussels, Belgium

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San Marco Villas

San Marco Villas, Mikonos, Greece
San Marco Villas, Mykonos, Greece
To whoever seeks a completely different way to spend his vacation, Mykonos is a MUST destination. But it’s not just important where to go but also where to stay! It’s a crucial factor that determines how fond the memories of this vacation will be for the years to come! Seeking for luxury but not at extreme prices along with something different than usual, I discovered San Marco Villas and spent an unforgettable weekend there staying at one of the available villas of the settlement. They are built right at the top of the hill at the area of Houlakia and each one offers its own private yard with pool. The view is extraordinary as the guest gets the opportunity to enjoy the Aegean Sea at its full glory. Each village is furnished with minimal style but elegantly comfortable and luxurious, at soft pastel colors that sooth the eye and a majestic window view! What more can one ask for at his vacation? The best part is the fact that although secluded in a villa of your own, you may still enjoy full service of the San Marco Hotel which is built lower, at the foot of the hill. The three days I spent there were plenty to rejuvenate, relax and detox myself from everyday stress. I enjoyed my coffee by the private pool with the endless blue of the Aegean soothing my eyes, I admired incredible sunsets as the sun was diving in the deep waters while enjoying a drink.. It was one of the best 3-days vacation I ever had, sort but deeply refreshing and one to remember!
San Marco Villas, Mykonos, Greece

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Angel Island State Park

Belvedere Tiburon
Angel Island State Park, Belvedere Tiburon, California
100 Steps To Heaven - Angel Island
When you arrive at Angels Island, be ready to climb 100 steps straight to heavenly views and the ocean blue horizon. Sail boats add class and grace to the bay while the while scents of Eucalyptus and Pine fill your lungs with clean air. A must do when visiting San Francisco!
100 Steps To Heaven - Angel Island

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