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Sarajevo Chess

Sarajevo Chess, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lifesize Chess in Sarajevo
A couple of minutes from Baščaršija, Sarajevo's historical center and bazaar, I ran into group of men, playing chess in a plaza. They took turns, one by one, made fun of each other for bad moves and joked around, but the competitive nature was always there. Mostly retirees, these men gather up every day to challenge each other on a game of chess.
Lifesize Chess in Sarajevo

about 1 hour ago

The Capri

The Capri, Southampton, New York
Summer in Southampton
Relaxing by the pool with a glass of Rosé
Summer in Southampton

about 3 hours ago

Las Alcobas

Mexico City
Las Alcobas, Mexico City, Mexico
Flowers of Las Alcobas
Striking floral arrangements add a refreshing, feminine touch to the lobby. After an energetic day visiting city-sights, the flowers offered a calming effect. I was fortunate to stay long enough at Las Alcobas to see the weekly change in display.
Flowers of Las Alcobas

about 5 hours ago