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Golden West Cafe

Golden West Cafe, Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore's Best Breakfast
One of the things I love the most about the American Southwest is the breakfast burrito. I especially adore the tortillas as they are often homemade, their taste and texture superbly better than any tortilla you’ll find at your local grocery store (unless, of course, you live near a Whole Foods in Santa Fe). Breakfast just tastes better when all of your favorite fillings are wrapped up tightly into one big, chile sauce covered bundle of burrito joy. It’s a deliciously spicy way to start the day. Living on the East Coast, my tortillas come packaged and my morning restaurant options are usually limited to the traditional breakfast fare. While it is quite possible that every state has put their own twist on our “most important meal of the day”, my favorite place to eat breakfast is at a little cafe in the Land of Pleasant Living-The Golden West. Say hello to my American Southwest in Baltimore. Take it from me, this is your place for breakfast burritos done right. Smothered in green or red chile sauce, we adore the vegan burrito with house made faux -rizo. Complete with potatoes, beans, and salsa fresca, these burritos are packed with flavor and wrapped with love. They are simply delicious. The menu is overflowing with breakfast quesadillas, burritos, and huevos rancheros. Beyond the food, the space is cozy, the staff is super friendly, and the coffee is robust. Pull up a seat by the window or grab a booth and enjoy what I like to call Baltimore’s best breakfast.
Baltimore's Best Breakfast

about 2 hours ago

Loden Hotel

Loden Hotel, Vancouver, Canada
Urban Hike
Vancouver is known for its beautiful, scenic parks, but the city's skyline from many directions is also stunning. A long walk from the Loden Hotel, to Kitslano Beach proved just that. So put on your hiking shoes and take in the sights without having to step foot out of the city.
Urban Hike

about 6 hours ago

restaurace Výtopna Praha

restaurace Výtopna Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
My drink almost drove away from me !
This place is like nothing I've ever seen before, drinks are delivered to your table by miniature trains that run through tracks across the restaurant! The first round of drinks my friend and I both ordered mojitos, once they arrived we were so busy trying to get the perfect picture that our drinks almost drove away! That night for some reason there didn't seem to be too many tourists so the locals definitely had funny reactions to us having to get up to chase our drinks. The second time around we ordered just a local beer on tap, this time I was prepared and was able to snap this quick picture, which isn't the best quality because I was so nervous it would drive away again. The atmosphere of this place is awesome, definitely a place worth checking out .
My drink almost drove away from me !

about 11 hours ago