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El Rayo Taqueria

El Rayo Taqueria, Portland, Maine
Authentic Mexican Fare
Locally sourced, authentic Mexican fare is the hangtag of this wonderful eating experience. I was lucky to arrive on Tamale Tuesday and was rewarded with one of the last delicious bundles in the house. Colorful flowers, retro oilcloth tables and good spirits make for a fun meal for families or couples. Umbrellas and refreshing drinks like the hibiscus flower, citrus refresco make the heat bearable. It would be a nice place to spend Happy Hour—small bites and tequila are plentiful. Many gluten free options on the menu.
Authentic Mexican Fare

27 minutes ago

Lolly Ella

West Bloomfield Township
Lolly Ella, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan
Amazing jewelry
The place you have to go to amazing jewelry from day to evening, color purses, bags, everything!!!!!. The prices are on unbelievable you can get something from $10 to 200, everyone budget. All ages. It is a true gem
Amazing jewelry

30 minutes ago

Pamukkale Otobüs Otoparkı

Denizli Merkez
Pamukkale Otobüs Otoparkı, Denizli Merkez, Turkey
Swim in an Ancient Mountain of Baking Soda
Pamukkale in Southwestern Turkey was once a resort town for ancient Greeks and Romans, with plenty of ruins of Hieropolis to prove it, thanks to its natural thermal springs and a massive, cascading mountain of baking soda, aka, the "Cotton Castle." The chemical reaction of the sodium bicarbonate and the spring water creates aqua blue pools of warm water, descending in tiers down the mountainside. You can play in the pools 24/7, lounge in the spring spa, and take in sunset from up there.
Swim in an Ancient Mountain of Baking Soda

about 2 hours ago