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keylong, Keylong, India
A sadhu
India is the Land of Gods, in India the the sadhus are marker as God.
A sadhu

about 7 hours ago

Delaware River Tubing

Delaware River Tubing, Frenchtown, New Jersey
Tube the Delaware
New Jersey residents will tell you that the state experiences four very distinct seasons, thus providing the opportunity for many different types of outdoor fun. Summer in the Delaware Valley, for example, is dotted by clusters of tourists riding pink and blue tubes down the scenic river, making a colorful beltway between the Garden State and neighboring Pennsylvania. Matching pink and blue buses daily shuttle people up and down Routes 29 and 32, adding to the cheery spectacle in a whimsical, summer-camp-is-forever way. Just being around this environment tends to brighten my commute, even when I can’t enjoy the water and weather myself, which is a sign of a truly great time. If you’ve never tubed before, I highly recommend paying for the services of Delaware River Tubing, based out of Frenchtown, NJ, or River Country of Bucks County, PA. Both offer all you need to enjoy a day on the water. Certain packages even include free food from the Famous River Hot Dog Man, who serves delicious grub right in, and on the banks of, the river- a meal you need to have at least once, if only for the setting. There is also the hyper-local approach to the activity, where you float on used machine inner-tubes like I have done with my family and friends for decades. A note of caution: make sure you don’t have any open wounds before going in the water! The Delaware is unfortunately full of parasites and can easily instigate health problems. Always stay cautious of rapids and undertow, too.
Tube the Delaware

about 11 hours ago


Division No. 18, Unorganized
Americas, Division No. 18, Unorganized, Canada
CO Must see location
found this article thought I would pass it along
CO Must see location

about 11 hours ago