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Bergey's Breadbasket

Bergey's Breadbasket, Chesapeake, Virginia
Fall Fun on the Farm
Something about changing leaves and cooler weather means it's time to ride around on bales of hay and get lost in a field of vegetables. Family farm Bergey's Breadbasket has a full suite of fall fun on the farm in September and October. Every weekend until November 1, you can take your family through a tractor-shaped corn maze or a soybean labyrinth, loll in a patch of pumpkins or sunflowers, and enjoy more harvest-themed fun. Should all that wholesome fun make you hungry, there's also an ice cream dairy, homemade sandwiches and pot pies, plus seasonal breads, pies, and made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls. Who needs summer? Photo courtesy of Bergey's Breadbasket
Fall Fun on the Farm

6 minutes ago

Hostal Rosario

Nuestra Señora de La Paz
Hostal Rosario, Nuestra Señora de La Paz, Bolivia
Andean Comfort in La Paz
Hotel Rosario was the perfect place for my colleagues and I to recover from a red-eye and adjust to the altitude before heading down to Caranavi to visit coffee producers. On a busy commercial thoroughfare near the Witches Market, the hotel exudes calm without being boring. The rooms are decorated with interesting textiles and there are creative common spaces like this cafe/bar on the top floor where there's a bit of a backpacker vibe (think free library and a bar stocked with Pacena beer). The staff is helpful, arranging rides and making sure that your stay is comfortable . There's also a restaurant with a bountiful breakfast spread and full service dinner. The trip back and forth to Caranavi was long and rugged but we were able to recharge and relax at Rosario with just the right amount of pampering -- good food, comfy beds, and plenty of coca tea.
Andean Comfort in La Paz

about 1 hour ago

Pleasure House Oysters

Virginia Beach
Pleasure House Oysters, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Virginia is for Oysters
Conventional wisdom says that one should only eat oysters in months that end in "ber," but that means for an awfully oyster-less winter and summer. Now that oyster-harvesting technology has improved, you can enjoy one on the half shell year-round, and Virginia's waters are known for some of the best bivalves. The Lynnhaven River has been famed for their oysters as far back as the 1600s, until environmental conditions closed the river in the 1960s. Pleasure House Oysters is trying to bring back the Lynnhaven oyster, offering tours of their farm and the river, taking up to six people out on a boat for a two-hour tour. If you prefer to slurp on the shore, Lynnhaven oysters are also served at Virginia Beach restaurants Terrapin, Eurasia, and Zoe's Steak and Seafood anytime. Photo by ds4832/Flickr.
Virginia is for Oysters

about 1 hour ago