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Liberty Island

New York
Liberty Island, New York, New York
Looking across the harbor
One of the best things about Liberty Island, other than the statue, has to be the views that it offers of the surroundings, especially Manhattan. You can even check it out from one of the old coin operated binocular machines. Check it out while the things still exist.
Looking across the harbor

23 minutes ago

Little Havana

Little Havana, Miami, Florida
One of Little Havana's chickens
I stumbled across Little Havana while visiting Miami. The first thing that caught my eye was this over-grown chicken, and then another and another. Quite colorful in a colorful Miami neighborhood.
One of Little Havana's chickens

34 minutes ago

Collins Ave

Miami Beach
Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida
Where lifeguards chill
In Miami Beach you can enjoy long stretches of sandy beaches that look out over the Atlantic Ocean. Each street that runs into the beach, numbered streets, has a lifeguard station and each one is done up in different colors. This is one of them.
Where lifeguards chill

40 minutes ago