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Caherconnell, Clare, Ireland
Ireland's Past, Preserved. Plus sheepdogs!
In the middle of the Burren, the region of Western Ireland defined by its limestone landscape, you can see how ancient people lived at the Caherconnell Stone Fort. It's an archaeological site where they've reconstructed the 'ringfort' homestead that stood here probably in the 10th or 11th century. You can see the circular wall that would've protected the buildings where the family lived. The video presentation does a nice job illustrating how life would've been back then, and makes a good introduction before wandering the grounds. We also enjoyed the sheepdog demonstrations they do. It's pretty incredible what the dogs are capable of, and the guy who leads the demonstration is funny, if you can get ahold of his accent. It's fascinating to hear him talk about the difference between cattle dogs and sheep dogs and the dogs who don't have 'the eye' and never will. Accept his invitation to try to call to the dogs and you'll find yourself trying to speak dog with an Irish accent.
Ireland's Past, Preserved. Plus sheepdogs!

about 1 hour ago

The Crane Bar

The Crane Bar, Galway, Ireland
A Traditional Music Jam
When the cashier at the Guinness storehouse in Dublin found out I was going to Galway, her hometown, she suggested checking out the Crane Bar for traditional music. Based on the crowds that showed up, this is not a great secret. But it's still worth doing. Get there a little before 10, go upstairs and order a pint--you don't have to get Guinness, try the red beer on tap--and watch as the musicians assemble. On Saturday nights there's a crew of usual suspects, and these guys are legit. It's fun.
A Traditional Music Jam

about 2 hours ago

代官山 蔦屋書店(TSUTAYA)

代官山 蔦屋書店(TSUTAYA), Tokyo, Japan
The Tranquil Tsutaya T-Site Bookstore
Just 15 minutes south of the ever lively Shibuya crossing, with its music videos, neon billboards, and all night karaoke clubs, stands Tsutaya bookstore. This flagship boasts an extensive collection of international magazines from the 60s and 70s, plus a travel section with concierge to help you plan your trip, and a modern cafe surrounded by a library of vintage books. Tsutaya is divided into three buildings purposefully light, open, and connected by paths that allow patrons to wander through the gardens that surround the grounds. The outdoor cafe tables and pleasantly winding walkways are just the right place to unwind, grab a coffee, and dive deep into a new novel. Photo courtesy Austin Rea.
The Tranquil Tsutaya T-Site Bookstore

about 2 hours ago