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Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market, London, United Kingdom
Farm Fresh Taste of England in the Middle of London
Every Thursday, the Covent Garden Real Food Market opens to offer take fresh produce, gourmet street eats and comfort food, farm to table products from England's countryside. An absolute must for anyone wanting to sample the best vegetables, cheese and meat from rural England while stuck in London's concrete bustle. My highlight and must-visit stall is Jacob's Ladder Farms - run by a collective of sustainable farms from Kent and Sussex - which sells the highly recommended grass-fed, biodynamic beef burger. Topped with rocket, a duo English cheeses in the Lincolnshire Poacher and Stitchelton Blue, the flavor combination is out of this world and enough to make me want to give up the city life, quietly retreat to the countryside and surround myself in the tastes and smells of Old Blighty.
Farm Fresh Taste of England in the Middle of London

about 2 hours ago

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne, Paris, France
Malls from another century
Nearly two hundred years ago, precursors of the modern indoor shopping mall were built all over Paris. There used to be hundreds of these covered "passages" or "galeries," but now only a couple dozen are left, mostly in the 2e arrondissement. Galerie Vivienne is on the border of the 1er and 2e arrondissement with an entrance on Rue des Petits Champs. Inside, like many of the others, there is an eclectic selection of specialty shops and restaurants. Even if you can't afford the upscale boutiques, just the architecture and interior embellishments themselves make it worth a visit. I felt like I was walking into another era.
Malls from another century

about 8 hours ago

Blu Jam Café

Los Angeles
Blu Jam Café, Los Angeles, California
Mac n cheese & dessert for brunch?
If the lines and over 2000 yelp reviews don't say enough, Blu Jam is an amazing brunch option, perfect for the Angelenos who appreciate the LA brunch culture. Located right on Melrose, parking may be a little tricky but if you read the signs carefully, there should be parking in the residential streets nearby. On a Tuesday afternoon, there was no wait. The hardest decision was choosing what to eat. Since there was just two of us, we decided to go for a sweet and a savory to share. For the sweet, we got the crunchy French toast and for the savory, we opted for Kamil's Breakfast, which involved eggs and bacon incorporated into macaroni and cheese. Who would have thought that this would be such a magical combination? I guess I never knew that I wanted dessert-like French toast and macaroni and cheese for brunch until I had it! The cozy atmosphere, fresh ingredients, large portions and fair prices make Blu Jam well worth a visit.
Mac n cheese & dessert for brunch?

about 9 hours ago