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Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza, Brugelette, Belgium
Halloween Belgian style
Pairi Daiza, the nature park with animals from around the world, is often voted Belgium's most popular tourist attraction - take that Manneken Pis (Brussels's little peeing boy)! This year the park dressed up for Halloween, a very American holiday that is gaining a bit of popularity in Belgium. There are pumpkins everywhere and you can also find children wandering around the park dressed as vampires and super heroes.
Halloween Belgian style
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about 3 hours ago

Stade Pierre Mauroy

Stade Pierre Mauroy, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France
France's Newest Stadium
Opened only two years ago, the Pierre Mauroy Stadium is the home of the French Ligue 1 soccer/football team - OSC Lille. The stadium is a very big one for European standards, holding just over 50,000 spectators. Although its primarily for football, it can also be used as a concert venue and indeed was when Rihanna performed there last summer. The stadium will also host about a half dozen Euro 2016 games when France takes charge of the tournament.
France's Newest Stadium
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about 3 hours ago

Mostar Bridge

Mostar Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The bridge that defines this city.
Bata's Crazy Mostar tour is a must!
The bridge that defines this city.
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about 4 hours ago