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There are more cyclists on the road than ever before. Here’s what you need to know before you roll.
Due to a rising number of COVID cases, the National Park Service has reinstated mask policies in indoor spaces for some parks.
The new Ellen DeGeneres Campus will allow the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to continue to protect mountain gorillas, accelerate scientific research, and train the next generation of conservationists.
Travelers may be wondering if visiting the California national park is possible amid a wildfire burning at the southern edge of the park.
You don’t have to travel far to slow down and savor the scenic beauty and delicious cuisine of this lush Portuguese archipelago.
The goal is to protect one-third of the country’s land by 2030 in an effort to combat climate change.
Our neighbors to the north want to share the health benefits of time spent in nature.
With outdoor adventure and wine tours galore, Kelowna is also one of the country’s most accessible cities.
Typically, you can see the Perseids from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. But the full moon also falls on the peak night of August 11 this year.
Scotland’s scenic terrain is full of hiking opportunities for all levels, with rewarding views that have inspired folklore and famous poems.
More than just a chance to get fresh air, people going outdoors more in recent years has helped many heal physically and emotionally when they needed it most. As we return to travel, it’s more important than ever to recreate responsibly and protect public lands for generations to come—so we can have experiences that we truly feel good about.
Asheville may be known for its vibrant arts scene, craft beer, and elegant Biltmore Estate—but travelers yearning for adventure will love its magnificent natural spaces, too.
Why you should immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and see some of the most incredible locations in Europe and North America this year.
Southern Californians love Mammoth—and it’s easy to see why.
Flanked by seas and full of natural wonders, this region is worth the journey.
Portions of the national park along its southern loop roads will reopen on June 22, but some of the recovery efforts could take months, if not longer.
These pint-sized parks offer outsized fun.
Go off the beaten path in the Peach State to reap the scientifically proven benefits of “blue spaces,” Southern style.
The nation’s oldest national park has been forced to close due to unprecedented flooding. When it reopens, the park’s terrain might be permanently altered.
Mary Colter’s genius survives in the iconic architecture and interiors of several landmark buildings—but you might not know it.
The goal is to replace single-use plastics with compostable, biodegradable, or 100 percent recycled materials by 2032.
This year’s annual “Star Party” event will run from June 18 through 25.