28 Gift Ideas for Campers That They’ll Actually Use

Artisanal s’mores, comfy loungewear, and a flask with camp-ready features are only a few of our ideas for the outdoor adventurers on your list.

A woman in a blue sweater is opening a bottle of white wine using the Opinel knife with a corkscrew in the handle. There is a bottle of beer, tomato, and baguette on a stone wall blurred out in the background behind the wine. You cannot see her face.

Opinel’s corkscrew knife now has a bottle opener as well.

Courtesy of Opinel

As an avid camper, I’ve gotten my fair share of starry-night-under-the-sky-themed gifts over the years. They’ve ranged from wonderful, permanent additions to my camping bag—like the Snow Peak mugs I never knew I needed—to well-intentioned but never-used (um, thanks for travel-sized toilet paper, Mom??).

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to go camping, they likely already have (and love) their core items (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, stove, chairs) so it’s best to avoid gifting these unless they’ve hinted otherwise. Instead, consider giving them a fun—yet practical—extra with these 28 camping gift ideas they’ll actually use.

Camp clothing

Teva Mocs

Part sleeping bag, part slipper, the Teva Mocs are the perfect shoe for lounging outdoors.

Courtesy of Teva

1. Teva ReEmber camp shoes

Buy now: $80, teva.com; rei.com

Comfortable, cushy, and easy to slip on/off, the Teva ReEmber slip-on is the ideal shoe for lounging around the campfire. I love the sleeping-bag-meets-slipper design as well as the collapsible heel that lets you wear them as either a snug sneaker or chill clog, depending on your mood. In the gift department, this shoe has been a hit among several friends and family members over the years—especially since they can use it outside of camping trips as well.

Snow Peak Flexible Insulated Pullover and Pants in red

This pullover comes with a matching pair of pants for ultimate coziness.

Courtesy of Snow Peak

2. Snow Peak Flexible Insulated Pullover

Buy now: $190, snowpeak.com

I love the entire Flexible Insulated line by Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak, but the Insulated Pullover is my favorite piece this year. It’s available in multiple colors, including a new festive Bordeaux red, and makes for a cozy, camp-ready outer layer that’s surprisingly warm considering how lightweight it is. It also has a water-repellent finish and multiple pockets, lending it a little extra practicality in the great outdoors. Minimalist in design, this monochromatic, unisex pullover is also stylish enough to wear around town (a rarity among outdoor apparel) and a go-to for both camping and travel. Add on the matching pants ($200) for a head-to-toe look that’s both functional and fun.

Patagonia Range Earflap cap

Patagonia’s Range Earflap Cap comes in four colors, including fleece-topped options similar to its iconic jackets.

Courtesy of Patagonia

3. Patagonia Range Earflap Cap

Buy now: $55, patagonia.com

The new Patagonia Range Earflap Cap comes in four different colors, but I personally love the natural and brown options. Both of these colors have a fleece-covered top—a cozy and fun play on Patagonia’s iconic jackets. With a short brim that provides sun protection and earflaps that can be worn up or down depending on the temperature, it’s a versatile hat for all types of outdoor conditions.

Merino wool socks from ToughCutie

Among outdoorsy folks, a good pair of socks is never a lame gift.

Courtesy of ToughCutie

4. ToughCutie women’s merino wool socks

Buy now: $24, toughcutie.com

When it comes to gift-giving, socks don’t have the best reputation. But maybe that’s because grandma never chose to buy a high-quality merino wool pair like the ones from ToughCutie, a Black woman–owned apparel brand. Since they’re made of merino wool (widely considered the best material for hiking and outdoors socks), these socks are odor-resistant, soft, and cushy. They also magically keep feet warm in chilly weather but cool when things heat up.

Neon green merino wool crew shirt

Arc’teryx Rho Wool Crew comes in a variety of colors, including “Lampyre” in women’s sizes.

Courtesy of Arc’teryx

5. Arc’teryx Rho Wool Crew

Buy now: $120, men’s, arcteryx.com; women’s, arcteryx.com

Versatility is key in the great outdoors and the Rho Wool Crew by Arc’teryx has just that. Thanks to its super soft merino wool material, it naturally regulates body heat, is odor resistant, and feels comfortable. It’s a great shirt on its own but also nice as a base layer to help keep campers warm at night. A stretchy but form-fitting design adds to the extra comfort.

Camp food and drink

Campout cookbook

For campers who are always in charge of the tacos, “The Campout Cookbook” will be a new favorite.

Courtesy of Artisan Publishers

6. The Campout Cookbook by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson

Buy now: $19, bookshop.org

The Campout Cookbook will easily become any camp cook’s new favorite book. Inspired by nights outdoors, it features creative recipes like green chile and cheese cast-iron cornbread, bootstrap bibimbap, and over a dozen s’mores ideas that’ll break you out of your basic chocolate-graham-cracker-and-marshmallow rut, all alongside delightful illustrations, stories, and camping tips.

Artisanal s’mores by 1927 S’mores

The artisanal s’mores by 1927 S’mores are a delicious take on camping’s classic dessert.

Courtesy of 1927 S’mores

7. 1927 S’mores Kit

Buy now: $27, 1927smores.com; etsy.com

Founded by husband and wife duo James and Elise Kelly, the Portland-based 1927 S’mores Company specializes in artisanal versions of your favorite camp dessert. While you can get them fresh at its cabin-themed shop in Portland, the super giftable s’mores kits can be shipped anywhere in the United States. For flavors, choose from mint cabin cocoa, whiskey and brown sugar, cocoa espresso, or original, which is a simple, upgraded take on the classic.

Wildlands coffee bags

It’s like a tea bag, but coffee—no French press required.

Courtesy of Wildland

8. Wildland Coffee Bags

Buy now: $23 for a 10-pack, wildlandcoffee.co

Every ounce counts when prepping for backcountry camping, so most backpackers will eschew their beloved French press or pour-over for a simple, lightweight packet of instant coffee. Rather than let your friends suffer with a mediocre morning brew, treat them to an actually good cup of joe from Wildland, whose compostable, tea bag–esque design requires no additional equipment. (I especially love the extra dark roast.) Prefer instant coffee? Intelligentsia makes an excellent option ($12 for a five-pack, intelligentsia.com).

Camp kitchen supplies

Opinel No.10 corkscrew folding knife

Nothing says ready for camping like a well-made pocket knife, such as the Opinel No. 10, which even comes with a corkscrew.

Courtesy of Opinel

9. Opinel No. 10 Corkscrew Stainless Steel Folding Knife with Bottle Opener

Buy now: $38, opinel-usa.com; $40, amazon.com

The camper in your life likely already has a knife for the great outdoors, but do they have one that doubles as a corkscrew and bottle opener? I bet not. For camp chefs who love wine and beer, consider the dual-purpose Opinel No.10 Corkscrew Stainless Steel Folding Knife with Bottle Opener which, on top of being an all-around great knife, has a corkscrew tucked away in the handle. The most updated version of this knife’s design now includes a small metal bottle opener at the end of the handle as well.

The Camp Dutch Oven by Lodge

The Camp Dutch Oven by Lodge helps you get creative with your camp meals.

Courtesy of Lodge

10. Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

Buy now: $54, rei.com

This petite, 12-inch, five-quart cast iron Camp Dutch Oven from Lodge will be a welcome addition to any food lover’s camp kitchen. Adventurous chefs can nestle it in the coals of a firepit to bake fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast or a savory chili for dinner. To complete your gift, pair it with a copy of the Campout Cookbook ($19), which includes several outdoor-friendly dutch oven recipes. This dutch oven is also available in additional sizes, ranging from two to ten quarts.

Yeti Rambler

Never suffer through a lukewarm beverage with the Yeti Rambler.

Courtesy of Yeti

11. Yeti Rambler 20 Oz. Tumbler

Buy now: $35, yeti.com; rei.com

The Yeti Rambler Tumbler is one of the best on-the-go mugs for both camping and travel. Insulated, durable, and available in a variety of colors and sizes (though I prefer the 20-ounce), it’s the ideal vessel to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold while out and about.

VSSL coffee grinder

Treat yourself to freshly ground coffee beans with the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder.

Courtesy of VSSL

12. VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

Buy now: $160, vsslgear.com

Making a superb cup of camp coffee starts with freshly ground beans—which is where the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder comes in. This stainless steel hand-grinder is durable, can adjust to 50 unique grind settings, and can process 20 grams of beans at a time (enough for one cup of coffee).

Snow peak field coffee master

The Snow Peak Field Coffee Master is both stylish and makes mean cup of joe.

Courtesy of Snow Peak

13. Snow Peak Field Coffee Master

Buy now: $185, snowpeak.com

Snow Peak is known for its stylish food-centric gear, and the Field Coffee Master system is no exception. Made from stainless steel, this elegant system works as either a percolator or a kettle with a pour-over cone and (most importantly) makes a cup of coffee so good even your barista would approve.

Is your friend more of a tea drinker? Worry not—Snow Peak also has an outdoor-friendly tea set: the Sayou Tea Pot Set ($115).

A photo of the VSSL Insulated Flask + Speaker in black floating in a white circle with green border around it

This handy travel accessory is a flask and a Bluetooth speaker all in one.

Courtesy of VSSL

14. VSSL Insulated Flask + Speaker

Buy now: $150, vsslgear.com

A fancy stocking stuffer for campers and whiskey lovers alike, the VSSL Insulated Flask + Speaker will bring the party to any campground. Not your average flask, this 8-ounce vessel also has a tiny yet powerful Bluetooth speaker attached to the bottom (which unscrews to detach from the flask). A magnetic locking carabiner top allows you to easily clip it on to chairs and backpacks so you don’t lose it. Double-walled insulation keeps whatever you put inside nice and cool—which I can attest to after my friends and I slowly sipped our way through its contents on a recent 95-degree day by the river.

You can also build your own VSSL, choosing any color, size, end cap, and gear tins from its line to create a custom creation. The makers say all VSSLs are waterproof and virtually indestructible.

Miir Cocktail kit

Freshly muddled mint juleps, anyone?

Courtesy of MiiR

15. MiiR Cocktail Shaker and Barware Tool Set

Buy now: Tumbler, $15 (originally $30), miir.com; Cocktail Shaker Set, $40, miir.com; Barware Tool Set, $50, miir.com

There are few things classier than a well-crafted cocktail in the middle of the woods, so why not encourage your camp-loving friend to up their mixology game with some portable cocktail-making gear by MiiR? I’ve had a lot of fun shaking up everything from margaritas to mocktails in MiiR’s sturdy, insulated cocktail shaker, which also doubles as a thermos. Miir’s stainless steel barware tool set (which includes a bar spoon, muddler, strainer, and double-sided jigger) and tumblers complete the kit; they’re sold separately but they make a powerful gift together.

Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks

These Snow Peak chopsticks twist apart and pack down into an included carry case.

Courtesy of Snow Peak

16. Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks

Buy now: $50, snowpeak.com

Whether they’re an off-country backpacker or car camper, reusable cutlery is a must. For those who prefer chopsticks, Snow Peak’s Wabuki Chopsticks are made with titanium and bamboo, and twist apart into two pieces for ultimate packability. My husband has had his set for over a decade and they’re still in great condition.

Lighting and electronics

balmuda lantern

The light on this stylish lantern can be adjusted for brightness and warmth.

Courtesy of Balmuda

17. Balmuda Lantern

Buy now: $149, us.balmuda.com; amazon.com

From Tokyo-based company Balmuda, this rechargeable lantern is an excellent, functional piece for camping, but it’s also stylish enough that the campers in your life will want to use it at home as well (I certainly do). I especially love that you can turn the dial to easily switch between a warm, ambient light for relaxing to a powerful, bright, white light for when you need to see what you’re doing.

18. Black Diamond Spot 400-R Headlamp

Buy now: $65, blackdiamondequipment.com; rei.com

Although avid campers will likely already have a headlamp in their kit, many are still reliant on battery-operated ones. Give them an eco-friendly upgrade with this rechargeable option by Black Diamond. At 400 lumens, the Spot 400-R Headlamp is bright enough to illuminate a space even during the darkest evenings, while the red light option allows for a more mellow brightness (ideal for joining campfire companions without blinding them).

Luci Solar String Lights

The Luci Solar String Lights are the perfect way to add some mood lighting to your campsite.

Courtesy of Mpowerd

19. Mpowerd Luci Solar String Lights

Buy now: $55, mpowerd.com

The Mpowerd Luci Solar String Lights are an 18-foot string of glittering LED lamps that pack into a fist-sized spool and recharge via USB (8 hours) or direct sunlight (14 hours). Out in the wild, they can be hung from trees, tents, or whatever-there-may-be to add a bit of mood lighting. As a bonus, they also function as an external battery pack and can charge small electronics, like phones.

20. Anker Prime 12,000mAh Power Bank

Buy now: $90, us.anker.com

Keeping cell phones and other devices charged while camping is always a challenge. Fortunately, this Anker power bank is a quick and powerful portable battery that, when fully charged, can recharge an iPhone 14 Pro twice.

For lounging

Kammok hammock

Nap, read a book, or stare at the stars with the Kammok hammock.

Courtesy of Kammok

21. Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

Buy now: $85, kammok.com; rei.com

Give outdoor loungers the Kammok Roo Double, a durable and silky-soft hammock made from recycled materials that’s big enough for two. Add on adjustable straps ($30) for an easy set up just about anywhere—at home or in the woods.

Rumpl blanket

Cozy up with the fleece-lined Rumpl Sherpa Puffy Blanket.

Courtesy of Rumpl

22. Rumpl Sherpa & NanoLoft Flame Puffy Blankets

Buy now: Sherpa, $104–$175, rumpl.com; rei.com; NanoLoft Flame, $130, rumpl.com; rei.com

Lightweight, durable, and designed for the outdoors, Rumpl’s line of machine-washable blankets are a cozy addition to any cool night outdoors. Standout options from its line include the Sherpa Puffy Blanket (available in a variety of colors), a warm, fleece-lined version of the company’s signature blanket, and the NanoLoft Flame Puffy Blanket, which is made from a fire-resistant material that won’t collect holes from stray campfire embers.

Bags and other small accessories

Matadoor freerain hip-pack

The Matador Freerain Hip Pack is sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof: ideal for any outdoor activity.

Courtesy of Matador

23. Matador Freerain Hip Pack

Buy now: $60, matadorup.com

Since most women’s clothes lack decent pockets, I almost always have a hip pack strapped to me while puttering around a campground—keeping essentials like my phone, lighter, and bug spray close by. The two-liter Matador Freerain Hip Pack is one of my favorites, since it packs down super small when not in use, is waterproof, and features a simple black-and-white check pattern.

Fjällräven backpack

This ecofriendly backpack comes with straps that can hold your jacket or even a yoga mat.

Courtesy of Fjällräven

24. Fjällräven Tree-Kånken backpack

Buy now: $125, fjallraven.com; moosejaw.com

This sustainable version of the Swedish outdoor gear brand Fjällräven’s iconic Kånken backpack is made from tree-sourced lyocell material, which is excellent for day hikes and car camping trips.

Bottle of buy spray in yellow bottle surrounded by orange circle

Stay bug free without the use of chemicals.

Courtesy of Kinfield

25. Kinfield Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent

Buy now: $22, kinfield.com

After watching my DEET-filled bug repellent burn a hole through my toiletry bag on a trip to Southeast Asia, I finally decided to make the switch to a more natural option. Fortunately, the brand Kinfield, which was founded by Nichole Powell after she, too, struggled to find clean alternatives to skincare products, has a DEET-free bug repellent that actually works. Kinfield Golden Hour uses a mix of citronella, lemongrass, and cloves to keep wearers bite free (and smelling amazing). This item makes for an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone who spends time outdoors.

Fun and games

26. National Park Puzzle

Buy now: $32, parksproject.us

While your giftee may not necessarily take a puzzle with them on their next camping trip, they’re sure to appreciate the theme and ethos behind the national park themed puzzles by Parks Project. Each 1,000-piece puzzle features beautiful illustrations of U.S. national parks such as Big Bend in Texas or Saguaro in Arizona. Part of the proceeds from every purchase will be donated to vital projects in national parks around the United States.

Last-minute gifts and gift cards

National park sign at Zion National Park

The National Parks Pass is an easy last-minute gift.

Photo by Shutterstock

27. National Parks Pass

Buy now: $80, usgs.gov

It’s likely that your outdoors-obsessed friend already has a National Parks Pass. The good news for last-minute gift givers? The annual pass has to be renewed each year. Simply send them a card with an IOU to renew their annual pass, which covers entrance fees at national parks and many other national public land sites.

Tent from camping company Tentrr

Tentrr has more than 1,000 campsites to choose from across the United States.

Courtesy of Tentrr

28. HipCamp or Tentrr Gift Card

Buy now: various, hipcamp.com; tentrr.com

If your loved one already has all the outdoor gear they need, consider instead a gift card to campsite booking platforms HipCamp or Tentrr. Similar to Airbnb, HipCamp is a peer-to-peer booking platform for campsites on privately owned land with sites that range from simple, bring-your-own tent spaces to rustic cabins in the woods.

Tentrr, on the other hand, is best known for its fully equipped campsites—complete with already-pitched safari tents and other camping essentials—on both private and public land, including many New York State Parks.

This story was originally published in 2021 and is updated annually. It was most recently updated on November 1, 2023 to include updated information. Lyndsey Matthews contributed to the reporting of this story.

Jessie Beck is a San Francisco-based writer and associate director of SEO and video at AFAR. She contributes to travel gear, outdoor adventure, and local getaway coverage and has previously lived in Washington, D.C., Malta, Seattle, and Madagascar.
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