UNESCO World Heritage

Migrantour began in Turin, Italy, and now operates across Europe, offering travelers and residents a new perspective on multicultural cities.
There are only about 20 practicing clinker boat craftsmen remaining in Denmark and perhaps just 200 across all of northern Europe.
Escape the crowds in favor of the British country’s UNESCO sites, diverse landscapes, ruins, and undiscovered cities—and minimize your carbon footprint from the comfort of a train car at the same time.
Though the Roma are the country’s largest ethnic minority, they face discrimination in their everyday lives—now, some of their oldest customs and traditions are fading away.
The latest additions—from Europe’s great spa towns to a nearly 100-year-old railway in Iran—are definitely worthy of a detour or even planning your next trip around.
Cave art or beaches? Mountains or temples? Ancient ruins or volcanoes? You can enjoy both culture and nature at these remarkable sites.
The decision comes after a ban on massive cruise ships in the city’s historic center.
The English city has been on the United Nations’ culture organization’s heritage in danger list since 2012 amid concerns that modern development was marring the historic character of its docklands.
Citing overtourism, UNESCO recommended Venice be placed on its list of World Heritage in Danger sites.
All are UNESCO World Heritage sites, so you know they’re special.
The first woman tour guide in AlUla, Mashail Makki, on finding magic and mystery in the desert.
Citizen scientists will soon have the opportunity to participate in research missions to the historic site.
Follow in the footsteps of Toltecs, Zapotecs, Mexica, and Maya at these 10 pyramids across Mexico.
From a deserted Bolivian “train cemetery” to a defunct Soviet submarine base, these are some of the world’s most fascinating and unusual tourist attractions.
Here’s where to venture beyond the pyramids and learn the legacies of powerful Egyptian queens and goddesses.
An influencer’s exciting journey shows why Charleston is perfect for every type of traveler.
A recent excavation at the tombsite that holds the iconic Terra-Cotta Army in Xi’an, the capital of the Shaanxi province, unearthed a swath of previously unknown life-sized military figurines buried alongside China’s first emperor.
In season three of her Emmy Award–winning TV show “Bare Feet,” host and producer Mickela Mallozzi explores her roots—with a twist.
Budapest’s hip rooftop bars serve up a whole new way to see the city’s magnificent UNESCO-listed architecture
A partnership with the United Nations organization means that sailings feature behind-the-scenes insights and shore excursions to more than 170 World Heritage locations worldwide.
Learn from an expert guide as you go deeper into these must-see spots.
Here’s why these 2019 additions—from a sparkling wine region in Italy to an 18th-century walled city in India—deserve a spot on your must-travel list.