From the best camping gear to pack and tips for first-timers and families, to destination ideas and inspirational stories, you’ll find everything you need to know to go camping in the U.S. or abroad.

Artisanal s’mores, comfy loungewear, and a flask with camp-ready features are only a few of our ideas for the outdoor adventurers on your list.
Sometimes it feels as though the Golden State is one vast parkland. Where to peer into tide pools, hike the coast, and get your redwood on.
Desert mountains, sandy beaches, clear blue rivers, and deep canyons. The Lone Star State has it all—and you can find it in a state park.
These waterfront camping sites offer unbeatable sunrise and sunset views. Here’s where you can pitch your tent or drive your camper van right onto the sand—or as close to it as you can get.
How to make the best camp coffee? So glad you asked.
Skip the ultra-technical backpacking gear and add a bit of ease and comfort to your camping trip with camping gear designed for your kind of adventure.
Is this your first time car camping? (Hint: It is if you’re asking, “What is car camping?”) Use this camping guide for beginners to prepare for your first trip, from finding campsites to packing the right gear.
Plus a detailed, downloadable version that you can use for your next campout
With design-forward camp furniture, mood lighting, and accents, you can transform your next camping trip into a seriously chic glamp-out.
Camping during the COVID-19 pandemic is not only possible, but popular. Here’s how to do it safely.
Parks and campgrounds across the country have begun to reopen, but the CDC is still telling us to stay home as much as possible, leaving many wondering if it’s actually safe or responsible to camp during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Located on Monterey Bay, the new Fort Ord Dunes State Park campground is slated to be bookable in 2022 and will be the first coastal campground to open in California in 30 years.
Outpost adventure camps make Chile’s backcountry a lot more accessible—and a lot ritzier.
The “Chocolate Village by the River” gives chocoholics prime access to the Teta Frida chocolate factory.
One AFAR editor spent four days on a remote Alaskan island sleeping in a canvas tent, foraging for berries, and taking daily saunas. Sound like your ideal trip? There’s still room to sign up for the Guest House 2019 this fall.
Most hard-core campers go minimal with their backcountry camping cuisine, but one food-obsessed group goes all out for a wild feast that is both ridiculous and sublime.
From New York to San Francisco, these urban-adjacent spots will get you out of the city and into nature in a few hours or less.
A growing crop of websites and apps is making it much easier to find and book fun recreational vehicles, creative places to pitch a tent, and cool things to do on your outdoor adventure.
Collective Retreats is adding new modular structures called “Outlook Shelters,” and they are now available for booking.
Krug Champagne has teamed with the luxury retreat Blackberry Farm to make Smoky Mountain summer evenings even sweeter.
To help the 39 million Americans who can’t afford a summer vacation, Under Canvas launched a “pay what you can” campaign to get more people outside together.
Are bubble tents Instagram bait? Definitely. But they’re also a great way to spend the night under the stars without walls to block your views.
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