Hiking + Cycling

Some of these hikes are well known, some underrated. All are AFAR tested and approved, bringing you closer to the Earth.
There are more cyclists on the road than ever before. Here’s what you need to know before you roll.
Scotland’s scenic terrain is full of hiking opportunities for all levels, with rewarding views that have inspired folklore and famous poems.
A number of hiking trails in North and South Lake Tahoe provide scenic adventures for visitors.
The much-hyped park project will feature numerous trails, a two-acre nature play area for kids, and a pedestrian link to the waterfront for the first time in 80 years.
What can we learn from retracing the steps of the 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama? One traveler laces up his boots.
Guided trekking takes travelers up into the islands’ valleys where wild adventures await.
A section of the more than 100-year-old overpass has been restored.
The Lost Sierra Route will connect—and ideally help revitalize—15 mountain towns by bringing biking, hiking, and trail tourism to this scenic alpine region.
There’s perhaps no better way to immerse yourself in Great Britain’s vibrant cities, UNESCO sites, and gorgeous countryside than on two feet. Whether taking urban strolls, hiking the coast, or ambling through pastoral greenery, you’ll meet local people, slow down, truly take it all in, and increase your steps—all while lowering your carbon footprint.
Discover the North Star State’s scenic beauty on its abundant trails—and enjoy mouthwatering lunch spots along the way—with these tips from Dudley Edmondson, an author and activist with a passion for getting people of color outdoors.
A new fleet of community-based organizations, such as Outdoor Afro and LatinX Hikers, are on a mission to make the outdoors accessible to all.
Forget the skis. In the South Tyrol region near the Dolomites, delicious food and gorgeous hikes are best enjoyed in summer.
You don’t have to get out of town to have rewarding encounters with nature. These green spaces offer ample opportunities to hike, walk, bike, glide or ride in the heart of the city.
Jump in for a cool swim, take in the misty views, or just soak up the surroundings.
A new digital map has revealed that the iconic California Coastal Trail dating back to 1975 is now 70 percent complete. These are some of the most scenic sections that are accessible for hiking, biking and nature walks.
Ten countries, 10 national parks: Now’s the time to disappear off the grid and lose yourself in the great outdoors.
There’s something potent that draws people to Telluride, Colorado. From an energy vortex to stunning mountain scenery, here’s what makes this place so magnetic and how to enjoy it.
Hiking is immensely popular these days. Here’s how to do it right.
Home to the Autobahn and a powerful motor industry, Germany wants its citizens to spend less time driving and more time cycling to help save the planet.
How one writer discovered a love of the outdoors and a community of like-minded newcomers to hiking who looked just like her.
In Austria, where the Alps cover 62 percent of the country, hiking is just a part of regular life. An intrepid American writer laces up his boots.