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Where to Travel This Year, According to Your Astrological Sign

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Like me, you may have made a habit of checking your weekly (or daily) horoscope. Sure, it’s fun to see when Mercury is in retrograde, or when you should ask for a raise, or exactly how you should approach a sticky situation with a friend or family member. But if you truly identify with your sign (mine is Sagittarius, the traveler—appropriate!), it’s even more fun to apply it to broader topics, like beauty, sex, and baseball. Naturally, the thought arose in our office: What does your sign say about the way you should be traveling? To answer this burning question, we tapped evolutionary astrologer Ryan Evans for his advice on how to travel according to your sun sign. “When we speak about the best travel for each sign, we’re being as general as we can,” he says. “There are many other factors about us that determine our personality.” Does Evans’s recommendations for your sign match up to your 2015 travel wish list?

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Traits: Aries is a warrior. But there are different kinds of warriors: Legolas is a different warrior than Gandalf, who’s a different warrior than Gimli. But they all have the same need to conquer fear and find their courage. This is what Aries seeks.

The trip: As an Aries, you need something that will assist in stimulating your courage. For one Aries, it might be jumping out of an airplane for the first time, or going to a desert island and learning how to survive in the wilderness for a night. For another Aries, it might be going to a hotel in Las Vegas and conquering a fear of other people’s emotional energy. For yet another, it’s amusement parks, stuff that heightens the senses and gets the blood going. You love daredevil sports, being a pioneer, being a survivor. Aries is also a hot fire sign, so there needs to be some sort of movement in your trip; something like a long hike that’s nowhere near a civilization. However, you need to stay away from things that are reckless, things that are too dangerous. It’s important to know what you’re capable of.

Try: Hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, the world’s highest bungy jump, hiking Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Traits: Taurus is the sign of the bull. It’s not the charging or slaving bull; imagine the cow in the peaceful, rolling, green meadow. It is the animal spirit.

The trip: If any sign loves a day spa, it’s Taurus. You seek that soothing, relaxation time. Think lying in a hammock on the beach with a piña colada, in silence, stillness, and peace. You’ll take some motivation to actually get moving to that happy place, though, so you need to have plenty of time to unwind. Take a long vacation where you can really let your hair down and get back to your body. Maybe get a massage, or take a beautiful hike where you come across a mango tree, then pick the fruit and enjoy it. Earthy and grounded, you also want to get your feet in the soil, so maybe a volunteer stint to WWOOF on an organic farm would be appropriate.

Try: Experiencing a Mayan health ritual at a Mexico hotel, staying at a tree-top eco-friendly lodge in Thailand, learning about sustainable farming and eating on a mountain-top farm in Maui

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Traits: Geminis have a childlike curiosity. Imagine a butterfly in a big field of flowers going from flower to flower, not stopping for too long, but making sure to check everything out. They love the feeling of movement, discovery, and uncovering a fact. They’re also big story tellers.

The trip: As a Gemini, you’d love to hop on a tour bus through historic London or a cruise that stops at a different port every day. You need to experience something you’ve never seen before—something that stimulates your mind and has plenty of variety, an itinerary that doesn’t stay in one place too long and that provides a really good story for a when you get back. Geminis are very much story tellers. You’re a fact finder, a news reporter—but you like your listeners to take away their own meaning from your story. But above all, they want to get all this experience to keep life exciting. And because of this, they often live a long life.

Try: Tour vestiges of old-world New York City, sail through French Polynesia, experience the history of Istanbul

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Traits: Cancer rules the heart: our feelings, emotions, subconscious, and our family rootedness.

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The trip: With Cancer, we’re looking at an archetype of someone who’s very associated with home. So, maybe a “staycation” is best for you! Take the week off of work and just nest. Another great option is a family vacation. A trip that your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins go on every year, at the same resort or house, at the same time of year. There’s a stability and comfort of having a cyclical vacation—20 years from now you can reminisce about your “vacations with the family to the cabin.” However, some of you Cancers may have an Aries moon; you have to learn how to come out of your shell. If you travel to somewhere new, it’s got to resonate with the heart, like some place you’ve always wanted to go, or a place you feel connection to. Like a trip to explore your country of ancestry, to discover your roots.

Try: A stay at a family-friendly U.S. beach, spend a week at a family camp in Maine, visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site in your country of origin.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Traits: Leo is joyous, celebratory, playful, and abundant. It’s the sign of the sun, the king, and the performer. Leos want to present themselves to the world with a sense of regality and nobility, but can also love childlike celebrations.

The trip: To a Leo, life is a celebration—but now, it’s time to really have fun! Go on a luxury vacation if you can afford it, or do something that has flash or glamor. Aim to feel like a king. Go out and have your shoes shined, get a crisp new suit, take your honey dancing, and maybe buy her a pearl necklace. Spare no expense and celebrate. But do it from a place of honor and nobility and respect. Maybe go to see your ancient royal brothers, like the pharaohs in Egypt. Stay at a castle in Germany. Alternatively, you can pick a vacation where you just simply play. Rent a jet ski, ride a roller coaster. Tap into your inner little boy or girl. Whatever you think is fun, do it! Those kind of fun experiences bring joy and meaning to life for Leo. Therefore, a camping trip can be just as meaningful as that expensive luxury vacation. But don’t take it too far—Leos have to be careful with their finances!

Try: Stay in a luxurious Croatian palace, visit the pharaohs in Egypt, experience an amusement park in Copenhagen

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Traits: Virgo wants to be more conservative and reel in excesses (unlike Leo). He or she is a perfectionist, the crafts person, the analyst, the disciple.

The trip: You may want to go enrich yourself on your vacation. After Leo’s fanfare and drama, Virgo wants to get back to simplicity. Check out the North House Folk School in Minnesota and take a class on how to build a yurt, or make a canoe, or carve a bowl. Something like that could be incredibly enriching to a Virgo. Sure, you’re going out, you’re having your vacation time, but you’re also working on yourself somehow. A yoga vacation is also a beautiful trip for a you. It’s also important that you don’t get too critical of yourself and shut down—everybody needs a vacation, Virgo! But combining off-time with practicality, functionally, and self-improvement is important.

Try: Go on a yoga retreat in Brazil, take a cooking class in the Amalfi coast, sleep in a yurt in Big Sur

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Traits: Libra is the sign of relationships and balance.

The trip: You would love to have a wonderful time with a partner! Ideally, it would be somewhere both of you want to go. Venus is the sign of the scales—you on one side, your partner on the other. Or, the two of you on one side, a situation on the other. Being ruled by Venus, you want something peaceful. You’re somewhat similar to Taurus; however, Taurus is body-oriented, while Libra is mind-oriented. You love conversations and art museums. You love things that are lovely, things that provide you with a deep breath, like going on a garden tour. It’s a way of relaxing the mind and bringing it into balance—beauty brings harmony and balance to our senses. So, a big, raucous city like Manhattan might not provide that peace. That being said, maybe a very nice apartment or penthouse in a big city would work—a place to retreat to have solace while observing the chaos outside.

Try: Wine tasting in Sonoma, a lavender field in France, enjoying the garden in San Diego’s Balboa Park

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Traits: This is the most intense sign. Scorpio likes to get to the bottom of things and discover a raw truth and meaning in life.

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The trip: Scorpio’s ideal trip can be a very romantic—but not a politely romantic—getaway. It’s more of a trip to the jungle where you’ll sleep in a treehouse and make love with your partner for five days straight. That’s that kind of intensity. While enjoying this romantic time, you’re not afraid of uncovering truths. Scorpio is the archetype of the archeologist and detective. So, a trip where you could discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult would be satisfying. Or, maybe a genealogy search or walking an ancient trail. Scorpio is a water sign, so anywhere near water would be great too. You’re not as daredevil as Aries, but you’ll still benefit from doing something we’ve always been afraid to do, like something that triggers an old fear. Maybe going back to a spot where a girlfriend broke up with you, and letting it go. Another archetype for Scorpio is the shaman, a need for deep healing. Going and hanging out with Shamans in the jungle on a soul-searching mission would be great for you, too.

Try: Stay in a tented villa in Maldives, discover temple ruins in Cambodia, clear your mind in the purifying waters of India’s Ganges river

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Traits: Sagittarius is the gypsy, the student, and the philosopher. It’s a sign that wants to pack 2 or 3 or 4 different lives into this one.

The trip: You’re an adventurer, and will benefit from taking long journeys over water. However, it must be a vacation with purpose. Search for a trip into realms that excite you, like Gemini does, and seek out experiences that give life meaning and depth. This is a 40-day hike through Spain or hitchhiking across Indonesia. You’re up for the farthest-reaching adventure. If there were space tours, you would be the first to sign up! You want to experience all the wisdom, depth, richness of this life. Anything that gives you this feeling of breadth and expansion—and that you’re living a full, delicious life—gives you meaning. You need to pack in lots of trips. You love to use travel to bring a gift or a nugget of truth that’s useful to other people, too.

Try: Plan a biking trip through Spain, backpack through Asia, hike Italy’s Cinque Terre

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Traits: Capricorns are practical and business-minded, but can also be hermetic.

The trip: If you’re a Capricorn who likes to travel, pursue international law or a company with 40 overseas locations and get your travel in that way. But if you’re traveling for pleasure, make double-sure that you can afford this trip, that it’s not superfluous, and that there is something that can be gained from the experience. You like quiet, still time in your trips—a reflection of that hermetic tendency. It’s not a time for flash and flair, but a time to look inwards and be still: Sit on a dock, look at the lake, and think about the work you have to do when they get back. Yes, it’s okay to think about work! You’ll be doing it anyway, Capricorn, so you may as well be in a stress-free place. You’re also an earth sign, so it’ll hugely benefit you going places where there is exposed rock. Capricorn rules the bones, and rock is the bones of the earth. Go somewhere with are bluffs or monoliths poking out of the ground—like the Devil’s tower in Wyoming. Places where the rock itself has richness and life and beauty.

Try: Make the most out of your next business trip, visit Taiwan’s largest fresh-water lake, experience Arizona’s Monument Valley

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Traits: An Aquarian wants to change everything. They’re the scientist, the revolutionary, the genius, the weirdo, the eccentric artist, the truth-sayer, the inventor. They’re here to question the rules when they seem too rigid or constricting.

The trip: Aquarians love things that are more unique and uncommon than anything else—something that’s off the wall and unconventional. You’re here to become more of who you know you really are over time. But that’s good! It’s that peculiarity that helps drive culture and tickles the periphery of social growth and change by doing things differently. You might want to be the first to do something, or go to that place where nobody else goes to, or some place that is weird, eccentric, off the wall, and funky. However, scientific Aquarians might want to see something like the Tesla museum, or places where things have been invented.

Try: Visiting Las Vega’s Neon Museum, stay in a futuristic tent while on Safari in Africa, discovering the complexity of Iran

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Traits: Pisces is the dreamer, the artist, the visionary, the poet, the mystic. Some are more romantic or spiritual than others. Some Pisces just don’t know who they are yet becoming.

The trip: Whenever we sit by the ocean and feel the sheer breadth of it, and a connection with the mystery of all that exists, we’ve entered the realm of Pisces. So, you’d love anywhere there’s water or a broad, expansive view. Somewhere like Glacier National Park where there’s plenty of mountains, but you can see for miles—somewhere you can dissolve yourself in the interconnectedness of all things. So places like the deep woods, the ocean, mountains, or the desert work well for you. This feeling of vastness stimulates the poetic and mystical side of Pisces. But, there’s also the romantic side. To have that epic experience with another person can be romantic and spiritual. But the best thing you can do? Go to a place where you can ditch your phone and other media. Sometimes, we have to disconnect with everything to feel connected to everything.

Try: Following a river in Mongolia, taking in the view at Machu Picchu, experience a sunset on a volcanic beach in Chile

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