New York City
Kirsten Alana New York City Local Expert

Kirsten is a former wedding photographer who has turned her talents to travel and culinary pursuits. She also writes, acts as an on-camera host, teaches at conferences, and, between adventures abroad, explores the boroughs of New York City. Once a nomad, she now enjoys having a home in Astoria. Read more at Aviators and a Camera.

Megan Eileen McDonough New York City Local Expert

Megan Eileen is an award-winning social photojournalist based in New York City. She runs Bohemian Trails, a blog for the savvy and stylish traveler and has a passion for both revamped neighborhoods and vibrant street art. Megan’s work has appeared in AFAR, WestJet, Teen Vogue, BravoTV and Business Insider among others. Megan's lived in Washington (DC), London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York and will likely move again given her track record.