New York City

New York is as culturally diverse as it is dense. Many immigrants who arrived en masse in the 19th century came from Ireland, and their influence remains evident in almost every borough. In Queens, Astoria has long been known for Greek culture, but it is more diverse now and has become a great option for dining with a cultural focus. Nine Chinatowns across the five boroughs allow visitors to experience Asia in North America. Those with a fascination for all things Italian will want to be in town for Little Italy’s Feast of San Gennaro, which has taken place here in September for nearly a century. In the summer, the Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors festival brings music and dance outside into the surrounding plazas. Meanwhile, Francophiles can celebrate by attending Bastille Day fairs in Manhattan and Brooklyn, or Fête Paradiso on Governors Island. Fans of cinema should consider the famous TriBeCa Film Festival. Ethnic festivals take place year-round, and is one of the best resources to check what’s coming up.