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For many, one of the best parts of traveling is making memories, through shared experiences, with your loved ones. Whether it’s with your partner, kids, parents, siblings, or the whole extended gang, family adventures can be some of the most rewarding types of trips—but they also have

the potential to be among the most stressful because planning a family vacation (or family reunion) can take a lot of coordination, patience, and compromise. <br><br>Deciding where to go is perhaps the biggest hurdle; great destinations for families run the gamut. You know how it goes: You want to take the brood road-tripping across the United States to visit national parks, but your kids are more interested in water parks, and your partner wants to head to New York City. Of course, nearly everybody wants fun in the sun on a beach, but when no one can seem to narrow even that down to San Diego, Costa Rica, or Grand Cayman, you might start thinking you’ll need a personal vacation to recover from planning your family trip!<br><br>Luckily, we’ve got great family destinations and timely travel tips to recommend. From comprehensive lists of family-friendly hotels and resorts to restaurants that offer something for everyone, we’re here to help. We’ve also got sanity-saving advice on special interest family travel, like camping with your kids (bring coffee . . . and whiskey), taking a toddler on a ski vacation (ski school is the ultimate daycare), and even on finding dog-friendly hotels when you can’t bear to leave Spot behind (Ojai Family Inn in California, for one, offers homemade dog treats at check-in). <br><br>And no matter what the naysayers chime in with, we firmly believe that having kids in tow doesn’t have to get in the way of your passion for travel—in fact, it can make adventures even more fun, when you get to see the world through the eyes of your wee ones! With a little careful planning, the right destination on the radar, well-suited accommodations booked, and your loved ones by your side, your next family trip is sure to be exciting, memorable, and maybe actually relaxing for you and the entire crew.