Travel for Good

We just have to travel smarter. The travel industry needs to unite for a greener future.
Talk ship-shop and sustainability with the 80 cadets of the “Danmark” during Climate Week NYC 2022.
A guide on how to apply lessons from travel to daily life.
Guided by the ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, this global airline is shaping a more sustainable future for aviation.
In our fourth episode of “Unpacked by AFAR,” we define and demystify what “regenerative travel” is and explore how travelers can integrate sustainability into their journeys beyond carbon offsets.
The new 3,000-acre idyll will be socially and environmentally conscious, a town and a travel destination in one.
Deep-sea mappers. Activists. Record-setting climbers, podcasters, and polar explorers. All are changing the world—and the ways we think about travel.
Travel can be used as a force for positive change.
After the year we’ve had, who couldn’t do with a bit more joy? Many countries have their own secrets to contentment, so if you’re tired of videos of dogs on skateboards and feel there’s an element of kalsarikannit missing from your life, read on for the global pursuit of happiness.
In our third episode of “Unpacked by AFAR,” tips on how to be a better observer, and how embracing our “outsider” status can help us travel better—and empathize more.
The newly launched platform connects points and miles holders with nonprofits coordinating travel for critical abortion care to help offset costs.
In our second episode of “Unpacked by AFAR,” wildlife journalist Byron Pace shares tips on how to have magical animal encounters that protect the creatures (and places) we visit.
Travel is transformative, but we also have a duty to leave places we visit better than we find them—and with a better understanding of the destination and the people who call it home.
In the first episode of “Unpacked by AFAR,” a traveler explores how we can be better to the places we visit (and why we should save the concept of revenge for the movies).
The renowned oceanographer wants humanity to look below the surface.
Visitors to the Pacific island nation will be offered unique, exclusive experiences based on how they behave.
Phones are meant to help us connect, but they can also get in the way. One writer on traveling and allowing her phone to pick up the slack—as long as it’s to a point.
A number of new initiatives in the Maldives aim to protect the islands’ biodiverse ecosystem for generations to come.
A growing number of Puerto Rican chefs and restaurateurs are turning to homegrown ingredients—and making dining on the island more sustainable.
Chile’s new park was created with the goal of rewilding what was an important corridor for wildlife and people for millennia.
Rewilding—the reintroduction of native flora and fauna—is critical in the fight against climate change. Here, six important projects from Argentina to the Maldives.
A remote valley in the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino is home to villages embracing a pastoral lifestyle in harmony with nature—electricity not included.