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a dome of gold at the end
Serendipitous light on a September afternoon--a rainbow arcing over the Eiffel Tower and ending at the gold dome of L'Église des Invalides in central Paris.

(Under that dome, emperor worship continues--Napoléon I lies buried in a crypt in the church's floor; to see it you must bow your head.)

I had only been in Paris a few days when I went around the corner from where I was staying to buy a few groceries one rainy afternoon. As I walked back, though, I caught a glimpse of the clearing sky in between the buildings--a glimpse of the rainbow. I ran up the six flights of stairs with my shopping bags and then flung open my window just in time to get this view: 'my' Paris.
la porte
Modern graffiti meets an old door on a street in St Paul.
la porte Paris  France

There's no where like Paris for delicious goat cheese and fig jam.
Delicious  Paris  France

5000 riders started the 2007 PBP. Plagued by bad weather on top of the customary challenges of distance and sleep deprivation, 1200 failed to finish. I finished the Paris Brest in just under the time limit. Another hallmark of randonneuring is that no prizes are given out to the fastest. it is simply enough to finish. I have many other stories to tell ... ones that may or may not include photos. You can read more at (http://cris.livejournal.com/tag/paris). All of the other randonneuring stories are at (http://cris.livejournal.com/tag/brevets)
reflections Paris  France

Paris France Too much noise
The street fare in Paris near Montmartre was in full swing. Looking up away from the loud music I caught a glimpse of this long time resident, silently voicing her displeasure with the event. She diapered the moment after I got the picture.
Paris France Too much noise Paris  France

We have all had those off moments or days. The scowl on the face of this Parisian Waiter was perfect. Near Notre dam he was tired of the tourists and it just reflected his mood of spoke to us of so much more.
Waiter Paris  France

Naughty Window Display - Paris, France
Where else but Paris would this naughty toy display be shown next to shelves of kids toys as well. I love this as people who view this ask me right off, "Is this Paris?" The city is still magical and simply splendid, a joy to be in and experience.
Naughty Window Display - Paris, France Paris  France

Walking and Wining
Paris in the Fall is heaven. Paris in the fall during the Beaujolais Nouveau season is REALLY heaven.
Walking and Wining Paris  France

Art and artists are all around you.
Montemarte Paris  France

Eiffel Tower
l'hiver Paris  France

la neige
Trapped in Paris with only a Hasselblad (an old medium format film camera) and it began to snow.
la neige Paris  France

Rue du Cloitre Notre Dame
a shovel waiting where it began to fall
Rue du Cloitre Notre Dame Paris  France

Silence please
There must be a genius thinking about something.
Silence please Paris  France

Not Exactly A Highlight
One of the less appealing things about Paris is the shockingly common problem of public urination. After three weeks there we, sadly, became accustomed to seeing men urinating against walls (day and night). In an attempt to reduce this activity the city has installed these anti-urination poles which keep men from getting close to the building (and assumedly being less obvious). The ground is sloped to ensure that one will provide themselves with an unwanted shower.
Not Exactly A Highlight Paris  France

Love, Paris
Nothing is as calming or colorful as enjoying the standard wine, bread and cheese pairing at any given corner cafe in fabulous Paris. There is definitely a fog-like energy of love hovering in the air. Love, Paris.
Love, Paris Paris  France

After more than 20 years without riding a wooden horse, I decided to accept my gf invitation. I had forgotten how amazing it was riding a carousel!! It's very easy to have fun, isn't it?
Carousel! Paris  France

Paris Doorways
I sometimes do these little photo projects or “photo safaris” if you will. While in Paris I kept noticing all these brilliantly colored and textured doorways that really caught my eye. I started shooting everyone I saw and came up with a bit of a theme of doorways. I had a few interspersed in my previous post about Paris – but I singled out a few other ones and here they are – just a few. I encourage everyone to do this type of mini project – it helps see the world in new ways and thread together commonalities as well as appreciate differences.

More here - http://tarasharmaphoto.com/blog/?p=5363
Paris Doorways Paris  France

Le Grand Magasin
Paris is full of beauty. But shopping plus a beautiful building? Yes, please. (It just feels right purchasing Dior in Paris, doesn't it??) This building had balconies like an old opera house and a stunning glass dome that just makes your jaw drop (so did the prices....yyeeooowww!)
Le Grand Magasin Paris  France

Paris, France