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Where to Go Now, According to Your Spring 2017 Travel Horoscope

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Illustrations by A. Salamandra

Is your spring travel in the stars?

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Astrology is more than just connect-the-dot pictures of star clusters—it seeks to explain of the seasonal shifts through stories and metaphors. Every theme of human life is found in the storyline of these seasons. Capricorn, for example, is the season of winter and teaches us to be self-reliant, stoic, and true. But even in the coldest of winter, we have faith that the seasons revolve and spring will come again. And it does. Aries, the season of spring, occurs when the length of day becomes greater than the length of night. And astrologically speaking (as well as meteorologically), spring feels GREAT! We have energy and motivation, drive and initiative. Like a gong or a bell, reverberating till summer, all of this energy will set the tone or theme for the upcoming season. Thanks to Aries, the theme of our travels for this season is to mix business with pleasure, adventure with relaxation, thrill with peace, and passion with love.

(March 21—April 20)
Like a blast furnace, you are in your power this season. But be careful—that energy must be contained and focused. It’s a good thing that our “travel and adventure” archetype, Jupiter, is in calming Libra this season; otherwise, that energy could get out of hand! Release it wisely. Running through the wildflower bloom in the Anza-Borrego desert is a perfect way to do so; it’s active, exciting, beautiful, and peaceful. Traveling with a friend who can help you maintain a little balance is a good idea as well. Suggested adventure and vacation dates are March 20—April 3, April 8—12, May 16—26, and June 10—24.
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(April 21—May 21)
For you, Taurus, long-distance travel continues to be transformative and even profound. Your sign is continuing its many-year trine to Pluto, the archetype of deep healing, which is bringing you greater awareness and, ultimately, greater health. This month, your vacations and adventures should carry great meaning and richness. Bring your focus back to your body and wellness. Get thee to a spa. Osmosis Spa in Freestone, California, has an amazing Cedar Enzyme Bath and the neighboring Wildflour Bread Bakery has the world’s best cinnamon rolls: a dichotomy fit for a Taurus! Travel for vacation and rejuvenation anytime this month. The best travel dates for commerce or short trips are between May 26—June 21.
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(May 21—June 21)
Spring is the season for the team, the mission, or the band. You may not actually be in a band, but the astrological archetypes are suggesting that you ought to. The astrological chart is broken into 12 sections called houses. One house corresponds to our careers, another to relationships, another to family, and so on. This season triggers houses of “group and visions of the future” and “creative self-expression.” So even if you’re not traveling with the blues quartet this season, I’d like you to feel as though you are. Travel with a group. Travel to do art. Chase spring from south to north and dance the whole way. Expect the best out of vacations planned during March 20—April 20 and June 4—21. The best dates for commerce and short trips fall between March 21—April 2, April 13—20, and June 2—15.
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(June 21—July 22)
You Cancers are so impressive when it comes to travel these days. You have a penchant for precision and practicality in commerce and short-distance travel, but you still know how to dream big during your vacations. In your travels for vacationing for this month, may I suggest you find a place where you can calm your mind and remain open for elusive inspiration? Perhaps a mountain-top yurt or a cottage by the sea. Let inspiration find you. Traveling for business looks fantastic for you now through the summer solstice (June 20). Best dates for vacation and inspiration are March 30—April 29 and anytime around the summer solstice.
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(July 22—August 22)
How did you get so lucky? OK, here you go—your best days for vacation travel: Every day. Best days to travel for commerce or short trips? Every day. Thanks to Jupiter, the archetype of the adventure and long journeys, this whole season is favorable for a Leo on the go. Additionally, at various times this season, Venus (representing money) and Mercury (representing commerce and short trips) will be in your house of vacation, adventure, and cross-cultural experience. If you are looking to learn, grow, adventure, or pilgrimage, this is a great season to do so. Try adventure sports like sailboarding, scuba diving, or spelunking. However, all of this action may make you want to settle down around June 7, so get your kicks in before then.
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(August 22—September 21)
Venus, who rules your realm of vacation, is in retrograde until April 15. I recommend you wait to travel until after your taxes are done, to avoid any unnecessary stressors. But once Venus moves into Taurus on June 6, she’ll be at her prime and you can get ready to delight in tastes and scents. Tour arboretums in the North East, or perhaps hike in the fresh air along the Superior Hiking Trail. Splurge on yourself with a massage and hot spring package at Breitenbush Hot Springs outside of Portland. Travel for commerce or short trips is much better at the beginning of spring; April looks like a time of possible financial gain, so close the deal then. Finally, if you have been saving for months (or years) for a meaningful vacation, the month of June is perfect for you.
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(September 22—October 22)
According to Roman mythology, Jupiter was the all-knowing king of the gods. The astrological archetype of Jupiter reflects our own desire to know everyone and everything from everywhere. Jupiter travels the universe in search of meaning, and in doing so, expands our horizons and broadens our view. Lucky Libras have Jupiter in their house until October 10. Jupiter only spends about a year in each sign and won’t return for another 12 years, so this is your 1-in-12-years shot to do it big. All dates look good for travel, so travel every day if you can. This is your time to grow and expand: Travel where you never thought you could. Do not underestimate yourself—this is your season.
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(October 22—November 21)
In the next several years, your short-distance and business travel can be extremely rewarding if you maintain rigorous ethics, wisdom, and practicality. But regarding a vacation, don’t you think it’s time you had one? Any time after June 6 looks promising for the reset you need. Hot springs, spas, mountain views, and art galleries will do way more for you than Vegas, Disneyland, or extreme sports. Astrologically, you’re undergoing a deep restructuring of your life that is asking you to find and maintain your joy. Travel to where you can feel that joy. Simple, easy, happy joy. I know it seems like a lot to ask, but future you will thank present you.
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(November 21—December 21)
I have to laugh. I just finished telling Scorpio that it would be better to relax in a hot spring than to go to Disneyland, but to you, Sagittarius, I say the opposite. There is way too much fun to be had this season! As soon as you read this, drop everything and search for the cheapest deal for a flight out tomorrow! Go find adventure and excitement! Fun is rejuvenating; it reminds us of our childlike freedom of being. On a deeper level, it helps us express our true selves. So head to Vegas or catch a NASCAR event or go bungee jumping. The best dates for short trips or business travel are April 30—June 6. Your best dates for vacation travel are before June 6. After that, it’s better to stay home for a week or two to clean up and reorganize after all of the excitement.
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(December 21—January 20)
Astrologically speaking, all of the signs, omens, glitches in the Matrix, and quantum fluctuations are telling me that you need travel in search of the signs, omens, glitches in the Matrix, and quantum fluctuations this season. You work so hard. Your body needs some attention. Invest in your health with a long trip where you can actually relax and forget about work. Don’t be afraid to spend some money. You’re worth it. Business travel is excellent this season from beginning to end. The best days for short travel and commerce, however, are April 3—28. For fun and relaxation, your best days are March 20—April 20.
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Aquarius (January 21—February 20)
This is your 1-in-12-years shot to go to the University of Grand Life Experience. You may consider it rhetoric, but we are in the Age of Aquarius, after all. It began when the Wright Brothers succeeded in getting us one step closer to the stars. We went from their flight at Kitty Hawk to the moon in 66 years. You are now in an equally important phase in your life: If you can leave the comfortable and familiar, then you, too, may have an astonishing breakthrough. This season, travel to take some classes or to teach some classes before mid-October. Try WWOOFing in Mongolia. See something you’ve never seen before. Travel for commerce or short trips is magnificent all through March and April, and a short trip to see family is suggested in June.
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Pisces (February 20—March 20)
Take it easy this season. There is a lot going on in your realm of traffic, activity, and juggling, which is also the realm of commerce and short trips. Astrologically, the better you keep your cool, the more benefit you’ll see in return. In the meantime, structure your long-distance travel as a vision quest. Go deep and remember your ancient origins on an archaeological dig, or shut out the world on a silent Vipassana retreat. Meet and release your demons. Perhaps that sounds like something you need? All days are recommended for these types of travel, when the intention is right. But no days are good if you approach them with anger, fear, or resentment.
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