Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest points of entry in Europe. If you are already in Europe, though, several low-cost airlines will bring you exactly where you want to go. Germany is also well-connected by European rail, and international bus lines offer affordable services (sometimes including free Wi-Fi). Highways are excellent in the country—and in continental Europe in general—but the speed limits (some sections with no limits at all) are something to take into consideration. 

Deutsche Bahn is the main company that provides high-speed and regional trains for those who want to move between German cities and regions.The German Rail Pass offers unlimited train travel in both first and second class for up to 15 days within one month. Many Germans prefer to get around with the help of services like Mitfahrgelegenheit finden, where drivers search for riders and vice versa, but some knowledge of German is necessary. Buses are the most affordable way to get around Germany and offer many amenities such as free coffee, movies, and Wi-Fi, though it should be noted that travel times can be long.