Colorado’s food scene, once defined by steak and more steak, has come a long way. It still has its red meat and Rocky Mountain Oysters, but nowadays Coloradans like both their carne asada and their quinoa, their craft beer and their kombucha. The state’s scenery attracts top chefs from around the world, so there's no shortage of creativity or talent; farm-to-table and locavorism are as popular here as elsewhere in the country. Plus, with the advent of legal recreational marijuana, Colorado chefs are creating one of the world’s first cannabis-infused cuisines, from pot-infused beef jerky to mile-high haute cuisine. Denver is host to the annual Great American Beer Festival, and Colorado’s craft beer trail offers a delicious string of brewpubs through Denver and the mountains. Even the state's governor, John Hickenlooper, brews beer (taste some at the Wynkoop Brewing Company). More than 100 wineries make up the state’s thriving wine industry. And you'll find a number of craft spirit distilleries.