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Sports + Adventure
Photo by Holly Mandarich/unsplash
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5 Days
Hungary’s magical Lake Balaton offers something for everyone, from fine wines and culinary experiences to bike rides and boat tours.
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5 Days
This 5-day adventure includes family favorites in Scottsdale.
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14 days
This 14-day cruise along Australia’s east coast explores the Great Barrier Reef, pristine islands, and appealing beach towns.
7 Days
A naturalist’s dream, this weeklong journey makes an unforgettable introduction to the flora and fauna of the Galápagos.
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17 days
Venture to the land of polar bears and the midnight sun on this expedition to Norway, the edges of the Arctic icecap, and Iceland.
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17 Days
This 17-day cruise around the Baffin Sea calls at some of the world’s most remote ports and the Far North’s most spectacular landscapes.
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17 Days
This 17-day cruise visits some of the remote and rugged areas of Antarctica and the South Atlantic, a land of glaciers, penguins, and the southern midnight sun.
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11 Days
This 11-day cruise visits some of the highlights of Antarctica, as you explore its islands and glaciers, experience the southern midnight sun, and see the area’s famous wildlife.
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4 Days
From candlelit dinners to stargazing tours, Scottsdale sets the scene for a romantic getaway.
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7 Days
This itinerary to the Cayman Islands is designed with active travelers in mind, every day bringing new adventures.
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5 Days
Explore some of Scottsdale’s many outdoor adventures on this itinerary that includes canyoneering, mountain biking, and more.
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8 Days
Set out on two wheels to explore the South African countryside, from the scenic coast and vineyards to the dramatic Little Karoo region, with a final stop in enchanting Cape Town.
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7 Days
Sample the best of the Cayman Islands on this itinerary to three islands, and one uninhabited islet.
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6 days
A kids’ focused itinerary to the Cayman Islands includes some of the country’s most magical spots.
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5 days
Betty Jo Currie of Currie & Co. has created a trip that allows you to sample the culinary and cultural scenes of Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, and then embrace the outdoors. At Jasper National Park, you’ll try canyoning, go heli-hiking, and soak in hot springs at the end of a long, satisfying day.
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7 Days
Find a new you on this wellness themed itinerary to the Cayman Islands.
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13 days
Designed by Cox & Kings Asia & the Pacific Destination Manager Renee Van Drent, this spectacular journey along the eastern coast of Australia begins in the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, where you’ll explore parks and gardens and visit the iconic opera house. Then you'll head north to tropical Brisbane and the beautiful landscapes of Fraser Island, which you’ll discover on thrilling 4WD adventures. Continue on to spend some time in a resort on pretty Airlie Beach, fly to the magical Whitsunday Islands, and venture deep into the oldest rainforest in the world, which lies just inland from the Great Barrier Reef.
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9 Days
Kristen Korey Pike of KK Travels Worldwide in Atlanta has created an itinerary focused on two of the most stunning areas of natural beauty in New South Wales: the Central Coast of the territory, to the north of Sydney, and Lord Howe Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its green peaks that rise dramatically above the ocean. Before you escape from civilization, you’ll have a chance to see the highlights of Sydney on a private tour. For the traveler who is ready to hit the beach, whether a lively urban one like Bondi in Sydney or the pristine bays of Bouddi National Park and Lord Howe Island, all you need to do is contact Kristen and then pack your swimsuit.
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11 days
Cari Gray of Gray & Co. is known for creating bespoke cycling trips to destinations around the world. When it comes to Australia, she has a fondness for Western Australia and, in particular, the Margaret River region, to the south of Perth. Here, some of the country’s best wines are produced, and stunning beaches overlook the Indian Ocean (pack your swimsuit!). Every ride can end with a meal created by a chef preparing innovative dishes—each paired with an excellent wine, of course. She’s also included a few days at each end of the cycling adventure in two of Australia’s most interesting capital cities: Perth and Melbourne. You don’t need to be a hard-core cyclist to appreciate this itinerary, just be open to sunny days and gastronomic delights.
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13 days
Shelby Donley of Camelback Odyssey has created an itinerary that starts in Brisbane followed by a chance to explore Australia’s Northern Territory. For many, Brisbane is the gateway to Queensland, but after you explore the state capital, you’ll continue to the Northern Territory. You’ll start in Darwin, the territory’s capital, which has a laidback tropical feel and stunning beaches, and then head to Kakadu National Park. Guides will introduce you to the area’s natural wonders and its Aboriginal cultures. You’ll conclude your adventure at a 500,000-acre cattle station with 12 guest rooms, though you won’t be put to work. Instead you’ll take advantage of activities from guided drives to helicopter tours as you explore the Northern Territory.
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12 days
The eastern coast of Australia is home to one of the country’s most famous destinations: the Great Barrier Reef. You will have time to snorkel the famous reef but Betty Jo Currie of Currie & Co. has created an itinerary that includes that and much more. You’ll start in vibrant Sydney where you’ll experience iconic sites and exciting culinary and nightlife scenes. Then you’ll head north to Byron Bay, Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, and finally a nature reserve back on mainland Queensland. Along the way, you’ll soak up Australia’s coastlines and unforgettable cuisine, with walks ranging from rainforests to shopping districts. Book a trip and then dive in.
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4 days
In every season, the conditions in Bermuda are ideal for an active vacation spent exploring the island, whether it’s by bike, boat, or on foot along Bermuda’s scenic trails. Katie Cadar of TravelStore offers the perfect itinerary for active travelers who want to stretch their legs and experience new adventures, from learning how to harness the wind and skim the waves on a kite board, to watching humpback whales from a yacht, and biking the beautiful vistas of the Bermuda Railway Trail.
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4 days
Call up your friends and pack your bags for a long weekend experiencing the best of Bermuda, from its legendary golf courses to shipwreck dives. Betty Jo Currie of Currie & Co. Travels Unlimited has created an itinerary that covers everything from tee times to dinner time.
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4 days
JetBlue Getaways wants to introduce you to Bermuda—from its underground caves to the top of its historic lighthouses. Along the way, there’s time to explore St. George’s and Hamilton and, of course, enjoy a rum swizzle or two.
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3 days
Cari Gray of Gray & Co. specializes in "custom trips for active travellers," and in Switzerland there's no shortage of opportunities to explore the country by bike or on foot. One of her favorite destinations is Appenzell, a canton in northeastern Switzerland roughly an hour from Zurich. She'll send you to a choice of bike routes, including some kid-friendly stretches, and other places where you can experience the timeless culture and traditional cuisine of the region. To see even more of Switzerland with Cari, this trip can be combined with her 3-day Switzerland with a French Flair itinerary, exploring the cantons of Neuchâtel and Jura.
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8 days
Will Kiburz of Coronet Travel has designed an itinerary that includes everything from paddle steamers to paragliding, taking advantage of the astounding range of activities around Interlaken and central Switzerland. It's a region of Switzerland that's ideal for the multigenerational trip, assuring everyone in the family will return home satisfied.
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7 days
Michael Holtz has created a journey that takes in some of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps, by bicycle. You'll ascend to the top of the Oberalp Pass and Julier Pass, among other iconic sites in the Swiss Alps, but there's also plenty of time to experience St. Moritz, Andermatt, and other stops along the way. Don't be intimidated if you aren't a serious cyclist—the Smart Flyer team will customize this trip according to your biking abilities and your time pedaling with be as strenuous, or not, as you like. Your trip will end just over the border in Italy, where you'll get to experience the country's lakes before heading home.
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5 days
To mark the 50th anniversary of the film Goldfinger, Shelby Donley has created an itinerary for fans of the famous spy and anyone in pursuit of the mix of adventure and luxury that typifies James Bond. If you accept this mission, you'll begin in Zurich at the legendary Dolder Grand, continue to Andermatt where key scenes of Goldfinger were shot and then drive to Ticino and the Verzasca dam, famous from the opening scenes of GoldenEye. Everywhere you travel, Shelby will make sure you stay in the best hotels and that every martini you order will be shaken not stirred. Make sure to also check out our guide to some of Switzerland's appearances in Bond films.
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6 Days
This week-long itinerary to the Alps has been designed with adventurous travelers in mind. After you start in Stuttgart, the home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, you can soar on a zipline over the Black Forest and take a trek on a glacier in Austria. Photo credit: DZT, Porsche Ag
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12 Days
From Cape Town and Johannesburg to world-famous Kruger National Park, this first-timer’s itinerary covers the top highlights of South Africa.
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4 days
The Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon attracts competitors and spectators to this barrier island of salt marshes and grand homes near Charleston.
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5 Days
How to embrace the great outdoors in Charleston, from stand-up paddle boarding to golf and tennis.
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4 days
Whatever the season, here’s how to soak up the natural beauty of Charleston’s islands, beaches, and farms.
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13 Days
The 2018 World Cup match in St. Petersburg, Russia, is one highlight of this comprehensive 12-night journey that stops at nine other ports in Northern Europe.
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5 days
At the tip of Baja California, a desert landscape, two different cities by the sea, and a stunning coastline add up to a perfect Mexican holiday.
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5 days
The entire fortified center of Québec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Judy Perl's itinerary features its notable landmarks as well as new museums and fêted restaurants. You'll also visit the farms of the Ile d'Orleans and explore the stunning natural sights of Charlevoix.
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5 days
Winnipeg can feel like an unexpected find with its fascinating museums and cool neighborhoods. Will Kiburz of Coronet Travel’s itinerary combines the best of Manitoba’s capital with a trip to the Far North, where you’ll explore the land of beluga whales and polar bears under the midnight sun and northern lights.
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6 days
Katie Cadar has created a trip to pristine Vancouver Island, with opportunities for whale watching, wilderness safaris, fishing expeditions, and bear sightings. As you explore the island, you’ll stay at world-class eco-lodges and embark on adventures with local naturalists and First Nations guides.
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6 days
The provinces of Atlantic Canada offer windswept, dramatic scenery, as well as lively cities that make the most of the glorious summers here. Michael Holtz’s coastal itinerary includes some of his favorite places in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, from natural wonders to historic sites.