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Caribbean + Atlantic
Experiencing the Caribbean's tropical beaches and fascinating cultures begins with these inspired itineraries.
Photo by Martin Passchier/unsplash
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7 Days
Sample the best of the Cayman Islands on this itinerary to three islands, and one uninhabited islet.
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11 days
From Manhattan to Bermuda and on to the Caribbean, this cruise takes island-hopping to a new level.
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7 Days
This itinerary to the Cayman Islands is designed with active travelers in mind, every day bringing new adventures.
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6 Days
This trip for two to the Cayman Islands includes gourmet dinners, spa days, and some of the islands’ most romantic settings
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5 Days
Savor the fresh flavors and explore some of the more than 200 restaurants of the Cayman Islands.
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6 days
A kids’ focused itinerary to the Cayman Islands includes some of the country’s most magical spots.
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7 Days
Find a new you on this wellness themed itinerary to the Cayman Islands.
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7 days
Bermuda is a beautiful, enchanting archipelago of over 181 tightly knit islands and islets, boasting welcoming pink-sand beaches, a charming local culture, and fascinating history. Air Canada Vacations has a complete selection of flights, resorts and activities so you can customize the perfect vacation. Here are our suggestions on how to enjoy seven days on this island paradise.
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4 days
Bermuda is a tropical island paradise known for its decidedly British flair, island spirit and divine pink sand beaches. However, what many people don’t realize is that Bermuda offers an impressive food culture, and John Clifford of International Travel Management knows exactly where you should dine. Here he offers his itinerary, specially designed to whet your appetite. By day you explore the island, perusing museums and art galleries, hiking secluded shores and calling “fore” on famous golf courses. And afterwards, you sample the finest meals Bermuda has to offer, from local specialties like spiny lobster and mussel pie to chefs who are masters at preparing dishes from around the world.
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3 days
Bermuda is made for romance, from the famous pink sand beaches to resorts that will help set the mood by arranging candlelit dinners on the beach and couple’s treatments in world-class spas. Lauren Maggard of JetSet World Travel has created a three-day itinerary that will take you to the island’s most romantic spots. She’s named her trip after Bermuda’s many moongates. These freestanding gates of Chinese design were originally imported to the island in the 19th-century. They dot the island’s gardens and are said to bring good luck to newlyweds who walk through them.
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3 days
Judy Perl, of Judy Perl Worldwide, has designed an itinerary that is packed with local favorites so you can go behind the scenes in Bermuda, and experience this unique island from an insider's perspective. You'll experience the enthralling mix of old and new, from quaint, 400-year-old colonial-era towns to chic, modern dining from one of the world's most lauded international chefs. Discover the deep roots of traditional island culture as you delve into vibrant art museums, and take an eye-opening guided adventure through underground lakes, stately forts, and lush plantation gardens. Read on for the complete itinerary, and don't forget to check our guide for in-depth details about the trip's top attractions.
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4 days
In every season, the conditions in Bermuda are ideal for an active vacation spent exploring the island, whether it’s by bike, boat, or on foot along Bermuda’s scenic trails. Katie Cadar of TravelStore offers the perfect itinerary for active travelers who want to stretch their legs and experience new adventures, from learning how to harness the wind and skim the waves on a kite board, to watching humpback whales from a yacht, and biking the beautiful vistas of the Bermuda Railway Trail.
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3 days
With world-class dining and nightlife, spas and shopping, and activities from snorkeling to Segways, Bermuda is the ideal destination for a group of friends ready to explore all that the island has to offer. Lauren Maggard of Jet Set World Travel has created an itinerary that covers the entire island, from west to east. More importantly, her trip plan includes activities that will appeal to every member of your entourage.
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4 days
Call up your friends and pack your bags for a long weekend experiencing the best of Bermuda, from its legendary golf courses to shipwreck dives. Betty Jo Currie of Currie & Co. Travels Unlimited has created an itinerary that covers everything from tee times to dinner time.
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4 days
JetBlue Getaways wants to introduce you to Bermuda—from its underground caves to the top of its historic lighthouses. Along the way, there’s time to explore St. George’s and Hamilton and, of course, enjoy a rum swizzle or two.