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7 Days
A naturalist’s dream, this weeklong journey makes an unforgettable introduction to the flora and fauna of the Galápagos.
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11 days
From Mauritius to Zanzibar, this 11-day voyage takes you to rarely visited islands, with wildlife and a melting pot of cultures.
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11 days
Marvel at penguins, majestic icebergs, and calving glaciers on this journey from South America to Antarctica.
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12 days
Venture to the land of polar bears and the midnight sun on this expedition to Norway and the edges of the Arctic icecap.
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10 days
Immerse yourself in the spirituality and scenery of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, two remote Pacific islands.
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12 days
This 12-day cruise calls at untamed volcanic islands, where seals, sea lions, and birds often outnumber people.