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Savor the Traditional & Über-Modern in Germany’s Southern States
In Germany’s southern states, the traditional meets the über-modern. Here you will find a kaleidoscope of cultural influences—and on this six-day journey, you’ll savor them all. Travel from Munich’s modern art scene to the classic theaters of Stuttgart; from the Roman-style spas in Baden-Baden to the farmhouses of the fabled Black Forest.

The region is also home to a head-spinning number of wineries and Michelin-starred restaurants, so bring your appetite! Swoon over Swabian egg noodles and impeccable local wines, with reds including the fruity regional classic, Trollinger, and crisp white Rieslings. For dessert, no meal would be complete without a piece of Black Forest cake.
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    Photo By Christof Herdt
    Day 1
    Night Flight to Munich
    Get ready for art, architecture, stellar cuisine, and lederhosen—Munich is a city where traditional and modern sit side by side like few places on earth.

    Flying into Munich means arriving at the home of 70 museums, 47 theaters, two opera houses, and the world-famous Oktoberfest, which attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year.
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    Day 2
    Munich Art and Beer Gardens
    Welcome to Munich, the beloved capital of Bavaria. Check in at the BEYOND by Geisel Hotel for a night and you’re steps away from the Marienplatz. Munich is known as the city of art and beer, so before you head off to the pub, savor the local art scene. The Kunstareal is the city’s art quarter, with museums displaying everything from Dutch masters to 1960s design. Also, check out Museum Brandhorst and BMW World, a car aficionado’s dream. If you’re thirsty, head to Hofbräuhaus Brewery for a guided tour. Grab a hearty Bavarian Leberkäse (traditional meatloaf) at the brewpub, and then walk it off at the sprawling English Gardens or the Baroque Nymphenburg Palace.

    Later in the evening, the Michelin-starred Königshof Restaurant overlooking Karlsplatz Stachus serves a discerning menu and the sommelier offers spot-on wine pairings. If you weren’t able to tour the Hofbräuhaus Brewery, pay a visit to Hofbräuhaus Tavern, in the city center, where you can drink tankards of beer and catch live Bavarian music.
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    Photo By Hänel - Gerald - Hänel - GARP
    Day 3
    Next stop: Stuttgart. Here, locals like their cars fast and their restaurants fancy—but they’re just as happy wandering around the surrounding vineyards and local beer gardens. Check in at Arcotel Camino Stuttgart and then get your art fix at the impressive Stuttgart Museum of Art and Stuttgart State Gallery. This bustling cosmopolis is also home to Stuttgart State Theaters—Europe's largest triple-branch theater.

    Even if you’re not a classic car fanatic, it’s well worth it to make some time to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum. Known as the “cradle of the automobile,” Stuttgart attracts auto lovers from around the world, with the Mercedes-Benz Museum bringing the brand’s 130-year history to life, and the Porsche Museum displaying 80 iconic sports cars worthy of an action movie.

    Oenophiles are in heaven here. Stuttgart is one of the biggest wine-growing communities in Germany and the Stuttgart Museum of Viniculture will both school you and let you sip its delights. If the timing is right, hit the summer’s Stuttgart Wine Festival or one of the temporary wine taverns—so called “Besenwirtschaften”—that are open for only 12 weeks of the year. The name derives from the broom that hangs at the door to show they are open for business.

    Aside from wine, the Stuttgart region is graced with no fewer than 23 Michelin-starred restaurants. Stuttgart’s Wielandshöhe is a standout. For a taste of local Swabian fare, swing by Weinstube Fröhlich for mouthwatering Käsespätzle (egg-based noodles topped with cheese) and Maultaschen (pasta dough with meat and vegetable fillings).
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    Photo By Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbH
    Day 4
    Baths of Baden-Baden
    On day four, drive approximately 1.5 hours to the magical Baden-Baden at the edge of the Black Forest. The bon vivant spirit of France, just across the border, is palpable in the town’s cafes and gardens that line the Oos River. Check in at the Hotel Belle Epoque for the night, and it’s a short stroll through the Lichtentaler Allee to the temple-like thermal baths, the palatial casino, and the Museum Frieder Burda. The Casino Baden-Baden is also a can’t miss—non-gamblers will appreciate it for its stunning chandeliers and rich architectural history.

    Baden-Baden is for travelers who appreciate the finer things—and wine and food is no exception. Wine connoisseurs will want to make the short drive to the vineyards to sample Burgunder varieties, from velvety Spätburgunder to the drier Grauburgunder. Then, it’s back to town for impeccable Black-Forest trout at The Wintergarten; the French fare at Michelin-starred Le Jardin is also superb. For a meal that’s less fancy but extra delish, Schneider's Restaurant & Vinothek serves up Baden specialties such as noble deer stew.
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    Photo By Günter Standl
    Day 5
    Baiersbronn and the Black Forest
    Get your taste buds ready—this storybook village nestled in the Black Forest is home to endless outdoor adventures and three restaurants with a combined eight Michelin stars. After checking in at the four-star Hotel Sackmann, it’s off to the legendary Black Forest for a guided tour of Allerheiligen Waterfalls and a hike along the scenic Lothar Trail. Adrenaline junkies can raft on the River Murg or ride the area’s longest natural MountainCart track.

    If you’d like a side of Swabian noodles with your Forest adventures, hike 45 minutes from the Bareiss Hotel to Wanderhütte Sattelei. Or, for an epic gastronomical experience, head to the three-starred Schwarzwaldstube and taste the genius of Head Chef Torsten Michel and Sommelier Stéphane Gass.
  • Day 6
    Head Home
    The oenophile, outdoor enthusiast, history buff, and epicurean in you have all been tantalized. You’ve traveled to palatial bath houses and world-class art museums and you’ve glimpsed the future in avant-garde architecture and auto museums. You’ve sampled the best of Baden-Württemberg, you’ve noshed on Swabian egg noodles, and you’ve tried Bavarian Leberkäse and beer. All this said, done, and savored—rejoice in the flavors of southwestern Germany as you drive 1.5 hours back to Munich today for your flight home.