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Photo courtesy of Sky Mall After the magazine filed for bankruptcy, the travel community is going a little wild with the tweets. We combined some of our favorites in honor of the magazine that distracted us during many take-offs and landings! Scroll to see them all. Read more >

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Laurent Saulnier. Photo by Frédérique Ménard-Aubin If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Montréal’s music and art scene is unique and ever-changing. A big part of that scene is Laurent Saulnier, the man behind the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal—as well as the Festival Montréal en Lumière, an interactive festival that combines performance arts, food, family activities, and more,...Read more >

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We made the rounds to Seattle’s best coffeeshops, polling its famously bookish citizens on what they’re reading—and what we should read next. See our favorite coffee shops in Seattle.  “Reel to Real by bell hooks is about the profound ways film can affect us.” —Bryan Anton (at Cafe Barjot, 711 Bellevue Ave. E.) “I’m devouring the work of Alan Lomax, a brilliant folk-music historian.” —Kathleen...Read more >

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A new focus on cultural exploration and immersive experiences is changing the world of travel There has been an undeniable and fundamental change in the experience of travel for many Americans over the last decade. It is a shift in perspective and ambitions that was described in the founder’s letter in the premiere issue of AFAR. “We came, we saw, we acquired,” Greg Sullivan wrote. “We now...Read more >

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The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Our ongoing series, AFAR Conversations, will turn its focus to the topic to luxury on January 21 in New York City. Estimates of global spending on luxury range from $300 billion to $1.8 trillion, but no matter how you slice it, it’s an enormous market. It is also one that has changed radically in recent years. I sat down with one of the three panelists who will...Read more >

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Thinking about going to Cuba soon? We just visited Havana from Jan 17-20, and can share some recent observations about visiting Cuba generally and Havana specifically. As changes continue, check back on We’ll be following developments in Cuba closely. 1. It’s a challenging place. Cuba is not just rough around the edges, it is pretty raw throughout. That being said, for the most...Read more >

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Life is short and the world is big. Dedicated globe-trotters, those with a competitive streak, don’t see much point in returning to a city they’ve been to before when there are so many they still haven’t seen. It’s their loss. Exploring a city again and again—becoming a revisitor, let’s call it—is actually one of the best ways to travel. As a revisitor, you have a charmed perspective that is...Read more >

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The only thing better than a nonstop flight is (we kid you not!) a connection in these hubs. Here’s how to maximize your time. AMSTERDAM’S SCHIPOL 4 Hours: No need to leave the airport. Head over to Holland Boulevard for crack-like stroopwafels and tulip bulbs. See art from Dutch masters at the Rijksmuseum’s rotating exhibit. 10 Hours: Twenty minutes on the train gets you downtown. Hit the Eye...Read more >

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Photographs by Sivan Askayo. A local shows us the street life, the breakfast culture, and yes, the famously whitewashed architecture of the White City. The White City, or “the heart of Tel Aviv,” as we locals call it, is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its Bauhaus architecture. But the whitewashed buildings, famous for their clean lines and open terraces, are not what drew me and Alon,...Read more >

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