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No matter where you go — from New York to Hanoi — travel can be a lot more rewarding when you dive head first into the local way of life. Here are 10 ways to put a local twist on your next trip. 1. Learn a few key phrases When you travel to a destination where English is not the first language, having a few key phrases in your back pocket can be a good way to feel more connected to the people...Read more >

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Senior editor and resident grooming obsessive Andrew Richdale shares three seriously upgraded basic products you (and your boyfriend or girlfriend) can use to stay fresh on the plane—and wherever else you go. 1. Deodorant Australian brand Aesop is one of my favorite lines, period—partially because they’re products are functional, partially because they smell downright addictive. I buy their...Read more >

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  Photo by @nomadic_by_choice Venice stole our hearts once more, along with these 10 other photos, our favorites from @afarmedia last week. Use #traveldeeper for a chance to be featured next week! Read more >

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Sometimes, the best way to get inspired to travel is to pop in a good flick. Here are the 16 films that had us searching for flights. 1. “Hannah and Her Sisters is my ultimate NY movie. The honest study of family dynamics, the use of the city as a character, the 80s-era shoulder-pad fashion: this Woody Allen film has it all. Every time I go to NY now I try to get one step closer to Mia...Read more >

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Photo by Alex Palomino. We travel a lot, and we know you do too. But now it’s time to test just how savvy a traveler you are! Think you’re an Elite Flyer? You’ll have to match 11/15 of these airport codes to their cities to find the trip we recommend for you. Powered by Interact Read more >

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“Crete is where olive oil first stole my heart,” says Joanne Lacina, the founder of, a online shop featuring high-quality olive oils from around the world. “Crete is the second largest olive oil production area of Greece, after the Peloponnese. I work with many producers there and use the western town of Chania as my base. Of course, the best time to visit is summertime when...Read more >

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Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz of Malin + Goetz—a line you probably know from your favorite fashion store, Delta’s first-class cabin, and design hotels across the globe—share five objects from their travels. 1. The Perfect Suitcase Andrew: I travel with as little as possible. What I do bring though I pack in a Rinowa carry-on. They’re so sturdy, efficient, and good looking. 2. A Sweet...Read more >

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We’re gonna say it: Going through airport security is one of the least enjoyable parts of traveling. When you’re exhausted, under-caffeinated and itching to get to your gate with enough time for a drink, you’re not exactly in the mood to get held up by the metal detectors. Airport security procedures are meant to keep us safe, and we’re thankful for the vigilant TSA agents who make sure we get...Read more >

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A long security line: our personal hell. For frequent flyers, getting pre-checked as a safe traveler is a major time saver. Pre-checked flyers are often able to speed through security in a separate line, not worrying about being held up by the people ahead (who maybe aren’t in as much of a hurry, or didn’t know they had to take a laptop out of its case). Yes, you’ll have to pay to apply—but...Read more >

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