The American Southwest is a fascinating mix of beautiful landscapes, colors, and culture. In celebration of those distinctive characteristics, AFAR and Andrew Harper have joined forces to offer a trip for two to Santa Fe—a historic city and an artistic hub—home to The Inn of the Five Graces. Just a short walk from Santa Fe’s historic main plaza, The Inn of the Five Graces is a 24-room hotel,...Read more >


Photo by A.B./Corbis Where to eat, sip, sleep and play in Vermont. DAY ONE: Burlington Begin Saturday at the Burlington Farmers’ Market, then caffeinate at Maglianero Café with the Pedestrian, a latte spiked with maple syrup, ginger, and cayenne pepper. Drive south to Shelburne Farms, a 1,400-acre working farm on Lake Champlain, and try your hand at cheesemaking. Stop at Fiddlehead Brewery to...Read more >


Photo by Peden + Munk. AFAR’s guide to the regional flavors, local classics, and innovative restaurants that define American food right now. The West: Go for farm-to-table cooking, third-wave coffee, and a romp in the redwoods. Ruth Reichl on California’s farm-to-table cooking roots. Where to eat, drink, and play in Northern California wine country. Take a pampered paddle down Idaho’s Salmon...Read more >


AFAR chose a destination at random and sent writer Brett Martin with 24-hours’ notice to the most challenging island in the Caribbean. I HAVE BEEN IN in Port-au-Prince,Haiti, for 16 hours and I am at a funeral. The service, for a onetime minister in Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s government, is at the Cathedral of St. Pierre in Pétionville, the relatively affluent suburb just outside the city...Read more >


A restaurateur who’s always looking for what’s next shows us the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood, where some things are better left unchanged. Photographs by Ana Nance I have lived in the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood of Madrid all my life. My parents opened their restaurant, Taberna Asturianos, here in 1966. They lived in an apartment above the restaurant, and that’s where I was born. My dad taught...Read more >


Well-traveled cooks should have a kitchen that reflects their journeys. Here are our favorite finds from around the world. See our slideshow of global goods.  This appeared in the May 2014 issue.  Read more >


Emmy Award–winning wildlife cinematographer Bob Poole spends six to eight months a year crisscrossing the globe to shoot films for National Geographic, PBS, BBC, Discovery Channel, and others. Next up: a six-part TV series that he is shooting in Africa and will air in 2015. Discover what launched the 54-year-old’s career, what drives him, and how he recharges.  Read more >


In markets crowded with the freshest seafood, sweetest chilies, and spiciest tacos, JJ Goode eats his way to the heart of the metropolis.  Photographs by Javier Sirvent Eating in Mexico City liberates you. The sheer force of food, in its dizzying ubiquity and variety, frees visitors from the tyranny of “the best” that afflicts smaller, more provincial cities—you know, like Copenhagen, Paris,...Read more >


Photo: Palolem Beach, Goa by Kristin Zibell  When you travel for business, it’s easy to let meetings and deadlines dominate. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Experience seekers—we count ourselves among them—aren’t always on vacation (in fact, we know that our readers travel for business many times a year), and aren’t looking to “escape.” Even when bouncing from conference calls to meeting...Read more >

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