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Arriving in Sri Lanka with no preparation and no plan, our Spin the Globe writer catches a ride to the war-torn north to find out what kind of traveler she truly is. Photographs by ABBAS I HAVE WHALE-WATCHED IN THE RAIN, or whale-sought in the rain, while our boat hit waves as tall as houses and their spray left me storm-drenched and salt-soaked and blinking against the sting. I’ve watched a...Read more >

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With more than 3,000 A-plus shots and, oh, about 22k Instagram followers, it’s clear that creative director Elizabeth Spiradakis Olson (@white_lightning) knows how to handle her iPhone. Say buh-bye to poorly lit food photos and ho-hum travel shots with these pro tips: Steady yo self: ”Steady your hand and use the auto-focus lock (hold your finger down on the frame). Crisp and sharp photos...Read more >

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Photos by Kari Medig When you pull into the Pacific coast town of Tofino, you leave behind the Canada you thought you knew. I was still two hours from my destination when I spotted the first sign, handpainted on the side of the highway: surf shop. The words seemed jarring and out of place. They were words I’d seen in Australia, in Barbados, in California and Hawaii. But as I drove the winding...Read more >

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IN MY PREVIOUS BUSINESSES, I went to conventions fairly often: manufacturing, automotive, finance. My memories are primarily of people trying to sell each other things. Since I started AFAR, I have avoided conventions. I figured I didn’t have to do that anymore. But recently I found myself on a rotating dance floor, looking around at people actually enjoying themselves. At a convention. I...Read more >

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The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is where it’s at, with “it” being beautiful beaches, insanely lush jungle wildlife, and that enviable, mellow Tico lifestyle. My family spent a week there in December, at a vacation rental called Congo Bongo in tiny Manzanillo—Puerto Viejo is about 15 minutes north. Manzanillo is down near the tip of Costa Rica, close to the border of Panama. It’s a sleepy...Read more >

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Photo by Jim Bahn/Flickr See the original post here. Airline fees are the reality of flying today and it’s left us with a whole bunch of to-pay-or-not-to-pay questioning. So, which extras are actually worth paying for? This sucker punch of an article from The New Yorker was shared all over the internet recently: “Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer.” I found it painful to read, mostly...Read more >

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Photo by LeeAnn Murphy We’re gonna say it: Winter might just be the best time to travel. Plane tickets can be cheaper, crowds are (much) thinner, and you can really get a sense of a place when the weather isn’t perfect. We asked our staff for their favorite winter trips, and from Istanbul to the Bahamas, their answers couldn’t be more varied. Whether you’re a sunbird or a ski bunny, we’ve got...Read more >

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Luxury by the sea at the Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach, an AFAR Collection hotel When it comes to marketing to luxury consumers, luxury brands require a specific approach to brand management. As president of Pedonemedia, a full-service advertising agency, Walter Coyle and his team are committed to understanding the DNA of the brands his company services. Pedonemedia’s clients include Hermès, Jimmy...Read more >

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Photo by Thomas O’Brien Like me, you may have made a habit of checking your weekly (or daily) horoscope. Sure, it’s fun to see when Mercury is in retrograde, or when you should ask for a raise, or exactly how you should approach a sticky situation with a friend or family member. But if you truly identify with your sign (mine is Sagittarius, the traveler—appropriate!), it’s even more fun to...Read more >

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