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Greece Beyond the Surface

Azamara’s Country-Intensive Voyages offer travelers an opportunity to focus on one specific destination, visiting most, if not all, marquee ports located in one country –allowing guests the opportunity to explore a balanced mix of must-sees and hidden gems for in-depth cultural exploration. With millennia of history, Greece deserves more than just the brief stop or two dedicated to it on some other lines’ itineraries. Here are some of the highlights of Azamara’s 10-day Country-Intensive Greece itinerary.
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Athens, Greece
Start your overview of Greece in Athens, where your cruise begins. While Azamara Pursuit does not depart until late in the afternoon, you’ll likely want to add on a day or two in the country’s capital to see more of the city’s highlights. The...
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846 00, Greece
In some ways, Mykonos embodies the appealing contradictions of Greece. It is a historic island and yet also a decidedly contemporary one, where visitors indulge in the good life with a Zorba-like enthusiasm, lingering over long lunches and dancing...
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Rhodes, Greece
The island of Rhodes was once home to one of the wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes, an enormous lighthouse in the form of a man that stood next to the ancient harbor. The Colossus is long gone, but Rhodes remains truly wondrous. While ...
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Chania, Greece
Crete, Greece’s largest island, stretches out along the bottom of the Aegean and anyone interested in getting to know the country must include some time there. Azamara Pursuit calls at Chania, Crete’s second largest city. For more than 400 years...
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Zakynthos, Greece
Like Chania, Zakynthos was part of the Venetian Republic for centuries (from 1484 to 1797), and reminders of that period can be found throughout the island. You can explore all the highlights on a scenic drive with Azamara. Other travelers may...