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Santorini Island in Photos

Exo Gonia 847 00, Greece

The Sun-Soaked Bachelor Party

Yes, Vegas would do the trick, but a 12 days hopping between the Greek islands of Santorini, Folegandros, and Sifnos will be a matrimonial send-off you’ll actually want to remember. Cannonball into clear coves reachable only by boat, and party under the stars as you toast to good luck in love. By Lisa Trottier. 

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over 5 years ago

Sunset Cruise in Santorini

If I could give you one piece of advice in this lifetime it would be this: If you travel to Santorini, take a sunset cruise!!! A sunset cruise is the best way to see the island from a completely different point of view while also visiting unique beaches that are only accessible by boat. Most of the sunset cruises also offer unlimited beverages as well as an authentic Greek dinner which is a huge bonus!
AFAR Local Expert
over 5 years ago

Patio Magic

I planned a girl's trip to Santorini and discovered Riva Villa for rent – a cheaper stay than splitting two hotel rooms by the sea. We knew it would be difficult to leave after as we arrived to discover its beautiful, private patio overlooking the caldera–a water-filled crater. Many speculate that the volcanic eruption that formed the caldera is the spot where the mythical lost city of Atlantis once stood.
AFAR Local Expert
over 5 years ago

Animal House Photo Shoot

We may have pulled the bedsheets off our beds and had a toga sunset party on our last evening in Santorini... maybe.
AFAR Local Expert
over 5 years ago

Aerial View of Santorini

There are cheap 8-hour, overnight ferry rides from Athens to the island of Santorini. For my second visit, I opted to take the quicker, more comfortable 20-minute flight. Soaring above Santorini presents a different perspective of the island. The full views of the volcanically produced caldera, endless sea and clusters of the white-washed buildings creates the sensation of being Zeus looking down from on top of the world.
over 5 years ago

Colors of Santorini

The island of Santorini in Greece is breathtakingly beautiful. Built on the the remains of a volcanic caldera, the island boasts of steep cliffs and panoramic views. When you add to that natural beauty with all the white washed buildings and their shades of blue trim, and the colorful flowers, you understand why many travelers name Santorini as their favorite Greek island.
over 5 years ago

Santorini Magic

The island of Santorini never fails to capture your heart. Everywhere you go on the island you get the panoramic views that Santorini is famous for. There are also a seemingly endless number of churches there, and their traditional blues and whites just add to the magic. It is little wonder why cruise ships are frequent visitors to this amazing destination.
over 5 years ago

View From Above

I love exploring the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece. It is blessed with an enviable location on the remains of a volcanic caldera. When you climb to the top of the island, you are treated to unmatched panoramic views, and to so many blue and white churches. I enjoyed climbing above this church to enjoy the colorful spectacle from above.
over 5 years ago

Romantic Santorini

Santorini was the highlight of our trip to Europe. Greece surprised us with great food, beaches, culture and the island of Santorini is like heaven .. with its blue domed simple-looking buildings.
over 5 years ago

Open Gate to Paradise

I was out late day, early evening walking from my hotel in Firostefani north to the little village of Imerovigli. I was looking for anything that caught my eye to photograph as the light was getting nice. I came upon this white gate, open, as if inviting me into the beautiful view inside of it. I took this image which is one of my favorites of this trip. Santorini was very dreamy and just as you might imagine, but mostly when the "boat people" went back to their cruise ships. Then it got quiet for those of us who were slowing down to enjoy the island.
over 5 years ago

White paradise on rocks

What can I say...Santorini was a fairy tale...ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Santorini, also known as Thira, was home to a thriving Minoan population before the volcanic island exploded around 1650 B.C Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The small island is just like it looks in the magazines. White, stone buildings with the blue trims lining the harbor, four-foot-wide stone streets running in a dizzying maze densely packed buildings, it is just incredible. Everywhere you look, you are just left in awe.
AFAR Local Expert
over 5 years ago

All donkeys lead to baklava

Mama Mia showed us that donkeys were a viable mode of Greek transportation --- and it wasn't too far off! Hop on the back of one of these animals and climb the hundreds of stairs up to the gorgeous caldera views of the cliffside village of Oia (or use the stairs as exercise to let you feel slightly better as you indulge in your fifth piece of locally made honey-soaked baklava).
over 5 years ago

Oia Sailboat

Looking out at a sailboat from the small town of Oia on Santorini Island in Greece. Once I found this part of the wall at the edge of the town, I just had to wait for the sailboat to enter the frame.
over 5 years ago

Moonrise Over Santorini

A lady began striking various yoga poses atop a roof in Santorini during the moonrise. Sunsets and Moonrises are a must see when in Santorini.
over 5 years ago

The Cats of Santorini

During my stay on Santorini in Greece, I came across numerous of stray cats roaming the island. I followed some around for quite time until I could capture them with the famous blue roofs in background.
AFAR Local Expert
about 4 years ago

Perissa Beach, Santorini

Perissa is Santorini's other black sand beach, extending for seven kilometres and separated from Kamari by the enormous Mesa Vouno rock. Although it's a little more low key in comparison to Kamari, you'll still find loads of budget-friendly cafes, restaurants, and bars. Things tend to be less crowded here as well, thanks to Perissa's length.
almost 4 years ago

Sunset in Santorini

It was a beautiful night with amazing friends.
over 3 years ago

Sunsets in Santorini

Santorini..each night as the sky lit up it burst into wondrous pinks, yellows and ambers...then came the majestic blues...moment by moment the hues of indigo intensifying....sky, azure, royal, marine, midnight....magical!