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Australia Outtakes: 22 More Photos from Down Under

By AFAR magazine

May 6, 2015

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A guided tour through Australia’s Kakadu National Park.

Writer Emma John ventured into the wild Australian outback and the equally rowdy city-center of Darwin with her grandparents for our June/July 2015 issue. Here are the best outtakes from down under.

Emma and her Nan and Granpy explored this deceptively treacherous terrain on their national park excursion (above).


Emma, Nan, Granpy, and the rest of their tour group ventured into Kakadu National Park in a four-wheel drive tour bus.


The group explored grasslands…




…and waterfalls.


Kakadu National Park offers breathtaking views, as well as a variety of Australia’s famous fauna and foliage.


In the Australian outback, it’s man vs. wild.

That clear water hides all sorts of creatures–maybe even crocodiles.


Kakadu has many knowledgable and adventure-ready guides to take curious travelers out into the wilderness and suggest even more sites.


Emma and her tour group got the chance to swim in waters beneath massive falls.


The landscape varies greatly, from dry tall grass to the wetlands to these thin trees in the foreground of mountains.


Kakadu National Park is located at one of the northernmost edges of Australia.

_MG_8238Keeping up with the group–and the guide–is important when the surrounding grass is taller than you are.


The city of Darwin, located a little over 100 miles northwest of Kakadu National Park, has its own beauty and its own wild to offer.



During the fall season, swimmers have to be careful of poisonous box jellyfish in the water of the coastal city.


Its location on the coast makes Darwin a port for sailors and travelers alike.


Graffiti reminds us that Darwin truly is a big city, with all the good and the bad that comes with it.


Emma’s grandparents wanted to avoid the city, thanks to headlines like this.


The Vibe Darwin Waterfront Hotel is seaside, but it also offers plenty of pool access to its guests.


Guests at the Vibe swim free of fear of jellyfish in a sectioned-off pool.


Dinner at Hanuman is Thai-, Indian-, and Nyonya-inspired.


Likewise for this multi-regional dessert platter.


Whether in the city or out in park territory, though, and despite its dangerous side, one thing is undeniable: Australia is a beautiful place.

Photos by Ériver Hijano.

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