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We believe there are some experiences that you can only have when you’re fully immersed in nature. But forget pup tents and beans in a can. These days, you don’t have to rough it to enjoy the great outdoors. A new wave of outdoor enthusiasts is pushing the boundaries of what it means

to go on a camping trip, mixing creature comforts with the best parts of traditional campouts. And no, we don’t simply mean “glamping.” We call it comfort camping. It could mean curling up in a state-of-the-art sleeping bag after a gourmet meal cooked over a campfire. It could mean hiding away in an off-grid lakeside cabin with a stack of good books. Or it could mean settling into a personal soaking tub on the balcony of a remote mountain lodge after a long day’s hike. <br><br>Introducing AFAR’s guide to Comfort Camping. We’re talking to lifelong backpackers, recent camping converts, and the outdoorsiest people we know to bring you the tips, guides, and inspirational stories you need to sleep in the great outdoors in whatever way you want (but always in style). Hoping to escape from the big city? Find nearby state parks and national forests that are perfect for easy, relaxing weekend getaways, or take your upcoming national park visit to the next level with a lavish glamping experience. Learn about the apps and websites that make any type of camping easier and the must-have gear (which you can rent) that will make it a lot more comfortable. Whether you’re headed out on a family camping trip or simply hoping to get away from it all for a while, we’re here for you—and we brought s’mores.