Photo Courtesy of Francesco Lastrucci
Be courageous! Spanish cuisine is a delight for all the senses, and the best treats go to the bravest. From roast suckling pig to blood sausage, and oxtail to percebes (barnacles), diners can discover sensations and delicacies they’ve only dreamed of. The tradition of tapas (appetizer-sized portions) and raciones (dishes for two) is still alive, and this way one can try many things without filling up. Accompanying sips couldn't be better: Spain boasts the delicious riojas, ruedas, riberas, and a whole host of other world-famous wines. Skip the sangria in restaurants, as it’s only for tourists. At the end of your meal, leave the loose change rounding up to a euro or two; at a very nice establishment, 10 percent of the bill is perfectly appropriate.