Open to the public, the Black Diamond Library embodies creative Danish design. Take the elevator to the top floor, then master your fear of heights for a quick walk across the sky bridge for a view of the library's interior. Don't miss the quiet garden situated behind the building. While tourist cruises are great, another option is to hop aboard one of the city's water buses. These boats are part of the city's transit system and will take you the length of Copenhagen's harbor, allowing a low-cost view of some of the city's less accessible areas. Danes also enjoy relaxing in their cemeteries. It may sound strange, but definitely set aside time to walk through Assistens Cemetery in summer. When visiting Christiania, don't just stop at Pusher Street and the Green Light District. Continue in to see the real, charming, and organic heart of the free town. Have a question about Copenhagen? Just ask. The Danes may seem stoic, but they're quite friendly, curious, and helpful.