Despite its small size, Copenhagen is packed with food traditions. Home to more than 15 Michelin-starred restaurants and Noma, the world's best restaurant 2010–2012, the city's fine-dining and New Nordic culinary options are plentiful. At the other end of the budgetary scale, the go-to fast food for Copenhageners is found at the hybrid kebab/pizza shops or the city's world-famous hot dog stands. For a taste of traditional Danish food, seek out smørrebrød at small corner shops. These open-faced sandwiches are a staple of the Danish diet. Other must-tries include frikadeller (meatballs), flæskesteg (roast pork), and Danish baked goods. Wash it all down with a pint of locally brewed Carlsberg or Tuborg before exploring one of the city's boutique cocktail bars or gritty bodegas.