While the Danes themselves are a fairly homogenous group, their rich history as explorers and empire builders has created a vibrant cultural mosaic that covers the width and breadth of the globe. Each of Copenhagen's neighborhoods has a distinct feel and flavor. In recent years Denmark has welcomed a large number of asylum seekers, many of whom have settled in the Nørrebro neighborhood and brought with them Middle Eastern influences. Copenhagen also serves as a gateway and reflects a blend of traditional Germanic culture and the more relaxed and open Nordic cultures.

Danes take their festivals seriously, and with a multitude of parks and open spaces, the city's design encourages people to mingle. Copenhagen has fantastic summer and winter jazz festivals as well as a citywide opera festival. Other key music events include the iconic Roskilde Festival, the heavy metal festival Copenhell, and Distortion—a sprawling music fest and street party that rotates through several neighborhoods. Non-music options include Copenhagen Cooking, Pride, and numerous film festivals including CPH:DOX and CPH:PIX.