Montana's culinary traditions are undoubtedly defined by the rancher's way of life. Grass and grain-fed beef, wild game, and hearty varieties of vegetables remain wildly popular throughout the state, though the food scene in most big cities and many small towns has evolved along with the changing palate of modern Americans. Fast-food chains can be found in most every city and at rest stops along the interstate, while cafes, mom-and-pop diners, cantinas, steakhouses, and delis are never too far away. You'll even find the odd noodle cart, Peruvian ceviche vendor, or sushi shack if you look hard enough (or find yourself in a Yellowstone gateway town). Buffalo burgers, elk chili, and antelope steaks feature on wild game menus throughout the Big Sky State, while cowboy beans and Indian fry bread pop up here and there. Chuckwagon cookouts are mostly geared toward tourists these days (real cowboys order pizza from their iPhones like the rest of us) but can be combined with exciting outdoor excursions, and they feature on many outfitter itineraries. Farmers' markets pop up in most populated areas during the summer; famed Flathead cherries, huckleberries, raspberries, apples, rhubarb, and sweet corn are always popular.