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Best Japanese Food Outside Japan!
Of course there is no shortage of great food in Las Vegas, but this place is different. First of all it is not on The Strip, so it is not accessible unless you know about it. It's in a strip mall in an area with a lot of other Asian restaurants, including an exceptional noodle shop next door called Monta Ramen. You must make a reservation at Raku—walk-ins are impossible and I saw them turn countless people away. Every dish will blow you away. I have traveled a lot to Tokyo, and I love it, but this is the best Japanese food I have ever eaten, and is worth tearing yourself from The Strip to experience.

The Best (and Least Pretentious) Restaurant in Las Vegas
Book a reservation well in advance (which isn't easy -- they usually don't pick up the phone) at Raku, one the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

This sushi place is all substance over flash. I liked it better than Nobu (less pretentious) and as much as my longtime darling, Uchi (Austin).

My three guests and I put ourselves in our server’s hands — we instructed her to just order away for us — and feasted happily as she produced plate after plate of imaginative but straightforward food. The bill (including tip and tax) came to only $300, which is unheard-of in this city.

24 Sane & Serene Hours in Las Vegas: http://bit.ly/VpEuDx

5030 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA
+1 702-367-3511
Mon - Sat 6pm - 3am