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Multnomah Falls

The Tallest Waterfall in Oregon?
Multnomah Falls is a gorgeous sight located about 45 minutes by car outside of Portland, Oregon, on the Columbia River Gorge. Several hikes of differing degrees of difficulty offer vantage points to view the falls. The sound of the rushing water is a soothing composition from Mother Nature.

Hiking to Higher Water
Multnomah Falls are a series of waterfalls located some thirty minutes outside of Portland. They are set in a perfectly shaded, lush forest scenery, and make for a great way to get some exercise-as some routes take you to the very top. Don't forget to stop in Edgefield on the way back for dinner, drinks, and some spa treatment!

Multnomah Magic
Even a day spent only hiking through and along waterfalls, can't quite prepare you for the beauty of the 642 foot Multnomah Falls. You can hear it as you approach on foot and the first glimpse leaves you needing to plant your feet firmly in one place, so that you're able to lean your head back safely to view it in its entirety. There's a short walk up to the bridge, which is a must do. Then there's a serious two mile hike up 11 switchbacks up to the viewing platform at the mouth of the falls. Though it's not a walk in the park, I couldn't be more of a fan of the scenery en route or the final result. This hike will leave you inspired and smiling on your way back down. For a good hike in the spring or early winter, when other options are closed due to weather; I'd suggest parking at Wahkeenah Falls and then hiking a few miles over to the base of Multnomah Falls, to then begin your ascent. Once you summit and then retrace your steps, you've had a lovely seven mile hike.

Sixty Stories Tall, Cascading
Go for a quick drive east of Portland, Oregon. Enter the Columbia River Gorge, winding above the southern bank of the river...and you'll be able to walk a short trail to Multnomah Falls—the height of a 60-story building, one of the tallest waterfalls in the U.S. For more information, including driving directions: http://www.oregon.com/attractions/multnomah_falls

Hike Behind the Falls
In 2006, my wife and I traveled to the West Coast, and I took her to Multnomah Falls. I forgot how beautiful they are next to the majestic Columbia River. If you are ever in the Portland area, it is a must-see.

Hike behind the waterfall
Headed to go behind the falls of Multnomah Falls. The water was refreshing but very cold. It is scary as you get closer to the falls.

Multnomah Falls - Looking Down
Multnomah Falls is definitely worth a visit! Yes, this almost 600 ft waterfall get plenty of tourists, but if you go early enough you can beat most of the crowds and get a pretty clear view of this beauty. Then, if your feeling really adventurous, you can take the 1.2 mile hike to the top where you end at a little wooden patio...looking down.

Multnomah Falls, Near Portland OR
I love waterfalls, and I found this one near Portland, Oregon to be stunning. My partner and I just stared in amazement at it.

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