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655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011, Australia
| +61 3 6277 9900

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Wed - Mon 10am - 5pm

Work for it: Dark MoFo

The cold-weather spinoff of the renowned MONA FOMA (MoFo) festival, put on by Hobart’s boundary-pushing Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), is not for the faint of heart: Over the course of a week, there’s eye-opening music and art, bonfires, a naked polar swim, a Paganesque winter feast, and an all-night, anything-goes dance party.

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AFAR Contributor
over 2 years ago

Museum of Old and New Art

This unusual contemporary-art museum is located in a series of dimly lit caverns and tunnels built into the side of a cliff in Berriedale, a Hobart suburb. Inside, mind-bending installations include a stinky model of the human digestive system that poops daily at 2 p.m. Founder David Walsh, a professional gambler turned art maven, displays more than 400 edgy works from his private collection. Walsh also stages two standout annual festivals: Mona Foma (which stands for Festival of Music and Art, sometimes further shortened to Mofo) in January, curated by Brian Ritchie of the rock band Violent Femmes, and Dark Mofo, the winter version held in June.

AFAR Contributor
almost 3 years ago

Relax: MONA Pavilions Hotel

MONA’s striking glass-and-steel retreat is more than just a hotel. World-class Australian artwork and antiquities decorate the interiors, and a sleek wine bar stocks bottles from the museum’s Moorilla Winery. Splurge on the Roy, a three-level apartment with angular walls and floor-to-ceiling windows named after Australian architect Roy Grounds. Two soaking tubs include one on a balcony with views of the Derwent River. From $460. This appeared in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue.
over 2 years ago


Hobart’s thriving arts scene got even more impressive in 2011 with the opening of Mona (Museum of Old and New Art). Renowned as one of the best contemporary-art museums in the world, the extraordinary private collection is the brainchild of Hobart local David Walsh, who amassed his fortune by professional gambling. The three-floor subterranean structure showcases Walsh’s collection of controversial art pieces and installations. Catch the ferry from Hobart's waterfront for the 30-minute ride right to the steps of the museum.

about 4 years ago


What happens when an art collector/mathematician uses his ability to beat the odds in casinos and makes millions of dollars? If it is David Walsh, he builds an art museum in Hobart Tasmania. He builds the most expensive privately owned museum in Australia. It opened in January 2011. The museum is called MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art Modern art and ancient artifacts are shown side by side. It is free if you live in Tasmania. It has quickly become their number one tourist attraction . “When you go to a conventional museum you are forced to walk up stairs and past pillars meant to make you feel small and then have academics tell you it’s culture but David wanted none of that so he built this place underground.”, according to the curator. After finding the entrance, you are given an Ipod Touch. It uses GPS to work out which piece of art you are standing in front of. It feels like the “art ride” at Disneyland, but in a good way. From the minute you walk in to the exhibition space all five senses are engaged. They stay that way for your entire visit. Do not miss this if you are in Hobart. This is Berlin Buddha by Zhang Huan at MOMA. It is made from incense ash collected from temples around Shanghai and faces its hollowed aluminum counterpart. For more info and photos go to http://travelwellflysafe.com/2013/12/09/mona-roma-to-mona-hobart-tasmania-australia/
about 4 years ago

Hob-ART , Tasmania

I don’t know why I was surprised. Art can be everywhere. When I thought about Tasmania, I thought of the clean air and water, rugged coastlines, interesting wildlife and incredible views. On the grounds of MONA (Museum Of Old And New Art located at the old Moorilla Wine Estate), there is also a bar, café, restaurant, accommodations, a winery and a brewery. The outdoor areas are interesting and inviting. For more info go to http://travelwellflysafe.com/2014/02/04/hob-art-tasmania/