If You Only Have Three Days in NYC
If you only have three days in NYC, we can’t guarantee a ton of sleep but you’ll definitely leave with some pretty unbeatable cultural experiences. From interactive art exhibits and quiet museum gardens to trendy nightclubs, three days is plenty. Plus, there are countless spots to get a sugar fix for extra energy, like Sugar & Plumm, which is what we call a high-end mash up of Willy Wonka, Candyland and Dylan's Candy Bar.

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Per Se: A Foodie's Costly Pilgrimage

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Upon first entering the famed blue doors of Per Se, located inside the Time Warner Center overlooking Central Park, the dining room has the air of a wake, filled stiff collars and hushed tones. But no matter the attitude, the fact is that everyone in the dining room waited at least a month for this moment. At Per Se, you can only make a reservation one month in advance (maximum), and, if you procrastinate a day or two (say 28 or days or less before your desired date) you've likely missed your chance.

(Do take note that you cannot cancel a reservation within seven days without being charged $175 per seat reserved.) This is an experience that will last up to four hours, where you are served from five to nine courses (depending on the menu you select), with many surprises in between, including personalized menus with your name and event (if you're celebrating anything) on each.

Now, if you're still interested and not frightened away by the potential cost, then you're in for an amazing afternoon or evening of small plates with the most amazing tastes you'll ever come across. Do not be deterred by the portion sizes as you will most certainly leave full. It might even be best if you arrive on the borderline of famished, as it is a crime to leave anything behind.

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by Murissa Shalapata
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