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Hawaiian Food Truck
Why I was so surprised to find a food truck in the village of Volcano outside of Volcano National Park, I'm not sure. All I know is that it was one of the many culinary surprises on the Big Island. This truck was packed with all kinds of wonderful things, and almost all of it was healthy too. If you can find it, and I have no way of telling you where they will be parked, ask for the special drink they mix up daily, I think it has ginger it in, but they'll know what you mean. The company is called Higher Taste Vegetarian Cafe, and this truck was parked outside of the Rainforest Gallery at Niaulani near Volcano Village. That's the best I can do, but then again, finding the truck is half the fun!

Hawaiian Vineyards?
I didn't see this one coming, but what a pleasant surprise. Volcano Winery, located near the village of Volcano, is America's southernmost winery. I was a skeptic upon arriving, but after tasting their wares, I was pleased to discover they they are making some very good and very unique wines. They have a varied selection that includes known varietals like Pinot Noir and Muscadet, but they also venture off to more exotic grapes like Grenache Gris and Cayuga White. Not to mention their use of the indigenous jaboticaba berry, as well as wines made entirely from honey, which end up being surprisingly pleasing to the palate. Volcano Winery is open 364 days a year, and tastings range from $5 to $8 per person. This is a must-do for anyone interested in wine.

Rainforest Gallery
I present to you the Rainforest Gallery at Niaulani near Volcano Village. While on our way to the park, and while also finding an awesome food truck, we came upon this little gem. It's a free gallery filled with various types of work from local artists. Almost everything is for sale, except for the collections that are only on loan, and you will find some very unique items that could only come from this far off place. Browse the gallery while your food truck fare is being prepared, and then continue on your merry way feeling full of food and culture.