Salvage One

1840 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60622, USA

You know that saying “They don’t build them like they used to”? Well, anyone who’s ever bought a new home knows exactly what that means. Fortunately, Salvage One’s mission is to preserve, conserve, and recycle glorious architectural remnants from old homes and buildings before they get hauled to the wrecking yard. With 60,000 square feet of space in the Near West Side neighborhood, Salvage One is packed with items like stained glass, claw-foot tubs, and big wooden doors; small, intricate accessories like doorknobs and drawer pulls; and vintage furniture and lighting. The store makes furniture, rents pieces as props for films and theater, and hosts private and corporate events. It’s an eclectic mix of services—but that’s Salvage One for you.

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