Vania Lanas Austin Local Expert
Vania Sofia Lanas is a writer, traveler, 300 RYT Yoga instructor, runner, and master cook. She left her successful career in advertising to follow her heart and be a Yoga teacher, an all-out nutrition and anatomy nerd, and a travel writer. Vania lives in Austin, Texas where she continues to deepen her understanding of all things wellness and you can find her at Wellness with Vania, where she shares her daily adventures.



Rey Shaun Madolora is a fine art photographer who lives in Austin, Texas when not traveling the world. He primarily shoots 35mm photographs during his global adventures, but real-time updates, travel guides, and point-and-shoot photos can be found on his travel travel blog Why You Go There? He is a serial entrepreneur, avid mountain biker and cyclist, yogi, musician, and foodie.