Photo Courtesy of Landon Nordeman
Jon Sheer Tokyo Local Expert
Jon, a professional photographer by trade, is a 20-year bilingual and bicultural veteran and permanent resident of Tokyo who makes a habit of traveling off the beaten path to get the real heart of the places to which he travels. Also a professionally trained chef, his knowledge of food and flavors informs his choice in restaurants (as well as decisions by his stomach). If you see anything in the Tokyo highlights that you’d like some professional advice on taking pictures of (or just need a bilingual guide with a Western eye for excitement and intrigue), free to contact him either via AFAR or his website, Jon Sheer Photography.



Erin Bogar is a freelance travel writer and personal trainer. She’s lived and trained in Buenos Aires, Nagoya, and Tokyo. She writes about city life, art and design, food, and adventure travel at Erin enjoys meandering through art exhibits, drinking quality sake, hiking the mountains of Colorado, and studying Spanish and Japanese.