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Pierre Hermé

The Macaron King: Pierre Hermé
The great macaron debate may forever wage on but from the first time I tucked into a small box of Pierre Hermé's dimunitive cookies, perfectly crisp on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside, I knew I'd remain loyal to his interpretation. Perhaps best known for his unique flavors - foie gras and chocolate, lemon and fennel, vanilla and basil among many others - it's his Ispahan croissant - with rose almond paste and crushed raspberry flakes - that really keeps me going back.

A Colorful Palate
Light, colorful, decadent, bursts of flavor. These French Macarons are produce vibrant kaleidoscope explosions on your taste buds! Each made with precision and expertise, the Pierre Herme macarons are one of a kind.
Flavors like pistachio, raspberry, rose, litchi, caramel, cassis, chocolate, vanilla, and foie gras (the ever famous French duck liver) line the windows.
Definitely a spot to try if your are taking a walk in the St. Germain district of Paris.

My first macaron in Paris
Its always been a dream of mine to try my very first macaron in Paris. There had been a countable number of times where occasionaly, America would grant me the opportunity to try a macaron, rather it was through a friend offering one, or simply walking past a bakery shop window, but my heart had to say no. I wanted the real thing...and what a better place to try one than Pierre Herme Bakery, perhaps the most famous producer of macarons in all the world!

The Best Croissant in Paris
With stellar bakeries on nearly every corner in Paris, it may seem like a lofty prospect to accord the crown of best in class to only one baker's interpretation. But every light and flaky bite of Pierre Hermé's Ispahan croissant confirms there truly is a master who emerges among the masses.

Among the Ispahan's most notable assets: rose-flavored almond paste, fresh raspberry and litchi compote, rosewater glaze and crushed raspberry pieces to top it all off.

It's certainly not your ordinary, every-morning croissant but it will blow your mind and leave you wishing PH had an outpost in your home country.

Unusual and Delicious Treats
Pierre Hermé sells very beautiful, modern pastries with unusual flavor combinations such as peach-apricot-and-saffron; passion fruit-and-milk chocolate; and pistachio-and-white chocolate.

Pierre Herman - Let Them Eat Cake!
Tiny little cakes beautifully made (almost too pretty to eat) is a speciality of the French. I have not sufficiently researched the history of exquisite cakes (hm…that is a thought) to know how influential Marie Antoinette is advancing its progress but I would venture to guess her famous “Let them eat cake!” played a part.

One Sunday afternoon, Kesha and I decided finding the best cakes in Paris 6th arrondissement. We spend the afternoon selecting beautiful little cakes from three different boutiques, and ate them all while gossiping on a bench in the Luxemburg gardens. Without going into details on the different cake boutiques we visited, I will simply give you the undisputed verdict. Pierre Herman’s cakes are INCREDIBLE. Save yourself the heartache and head straight there!

Pierre Hermé

Artisanal pastries
The pastries here are almost too beautiful to eat....but I did! It is almost like going to an art gallery for desserts. Be prepared to stand in line for awhile just to get in a shop ( there are several locations in Paris). The one we visited was tiny and we probably waited 20 minutes just to get in the door! Worth the wait though.

72 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France
+33 1 43 54 47 77
Sun - Fri 10am - 7pm
Sat 10am - 8pm