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Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower
Completed in 1994, the Oriental Pearl TV tower was the tallest building in Shanghai until 2007 and is still arguably one of the most recognizable towers in Shanghai’s skyline. The tower actually has 15 observation floors but the highest is at 350m and is affectionately known as the “Space Module”. The tower also includes a revolving restaurant, a shopping mall, a museum and even a 20+ room hotel. There’s also a glass-floored observation deck for the brave-footed. Open 8:30-21:30 daily Ticket prices vary (depending on what you’d like to see/do) from RMB 120-220

Metropolis of the Future
a wonderfully vibrant cosmopolitan city that embodies the future of China http://0dysseusjournal.blogspot.com/2012/11/magnificent-china.html

The Bund Tourist Tunnel
If you didn’t know that the “Core of the Earth” happens to lie a few meters under the Huangpu, then jump on the Bund Tourist Tunnel for a five minute ride you won’t soon forget. More of a bizarre tram ride under the river than journey to the center of the world, you’ll encounter what might be the most outlandish audio-visual display the city has to offer, complete with booming voices and flashing lights. A far more engaging, and less crowded option than sitting in taxi traffic, it’s a transportation option worth making…once. 50 RMB for a one-way ride // 70 RMB round-trip

Don't look down, don't look down...
Shanghai's Pearl Oriental Tower stands at 1,535 feet and is currently the tallest building in China. You can ride up to the top of this towering structure and see the bustling city at the bottom of your feet! However, I think this little boy took a different approach.

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