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Hicksville Trailer Palace & Artist Retreat

Inland Ave, Empire, CA 95357, USA

Come On Barbie Let's Go Party (In the Desert)

You may not find an address online for this desert diorama in the middle of nowhere near Joshua Tree, CA. You can, however, get directions e-mailed to you, if you book. Walking into the grounds you enter a lifesized Barbie playland pop-up-book complete with themed trailers including (from left to right) "The Pioneer" western trailer, the "Integra-trailer" with alien antennae headbands, the girlie "The Fifi" trailer with a mini-trampoline, "The Lux" haunted house trailer (in honor of the lead singer for The Cramps) and more. Bizarre? Yes. But so are many things in Joshua Tree so embrace the weirdness, drink a beer, enjoy the hot tub, shoot a BB gun and make s'mores in the teepee.