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DownTown Racing

Go-Karts, Paintball, and Bungee Jumping
If you’re looking for a little adventure, DownTown Racing boasts India’s longest and most sophisticated go-kart track. With bungee jumping, ziplines, ATVs, quad bikes, and paintball, this place is great for groups and adrenaline junkies. The facility also has an arcade and games section for those hunting virtual adventures.

The Best Place for Go Karting
So I am 17 years old and I can drive a stickshift (manual car). My expectations were not very high with the Go Karts and this was the first time I was going to drive a go kart. I sat in the #13 Go Kart as my friend who rode it earlier told me that it has a powerful engine than the others. Maybe it was recently bought i don't know. When i started riding i wasn't sure of it as I was told they don't have power steering. But damn! It was smooth and the engine made a loud rattling noise. The track is 450 metres long and has very well turns to test the racer in you! Amongst the four people I started last and overtook all my other friends 3 times in the next ten laps. I had also attached a GoPro on my helmet and took the amazing video of me drifting on the turns and driving real perfect till eventually the race got over, I was leading by 4 laps and won the race! I would totally recommend everyone to go here for Go Karting!